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Sharing its border with two oceans, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea, Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of India. What qualifies Tamil Nadu as an exclusive tourist destination is the range of landscapes that are present in Tamil Nadu. Cities in Tamil Nadu,Cities of Tamil Nadu,Cities at Tamil Nadu,Tamil Nadu Tours and Travels,Travels and Tours of Tamil Nadu You will find splendid beaches, lofty hill stations vast lying plains and rain forests dotting this state and ready to provide you with a vacation of utmost serenity and pinnacle of fun.

As much as the natural splendidness of Tamil Nadu beckons its visitors, history and heritage of this state too attracts the enthusiasts. The great legacy of Dravidians is said to have started and spread outwards from this state. Cities in Tamil Nadu,Cities of Tamil Nadu,Cities at Tamil Nadu,Tamil Nadu Tours and Travels,Travels and Tours of Tamil Nadu Most of the symbols of Dravidian culture like arts and architecture still are kept intact with joint efforts from people of Tamil Nadu and the government. The temples that were made by Dravidian rulers are still considered to be an architectural marvels, most if which are still in good condition and are operational. It is the virtue of these temples that Tamilians today are known to be the best creators of temples.

Known for its rich culture and heritage, Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state located at the southern tip of South India. Nucleus of Dravidian art and culture, Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state with rich culture and traditions. Cities in Tamil Nadu,Cities of Tamil Nadu,Cities at Tamil Nadu,Tamil Nadu Tours and Travels,Travels and Tours of Tamil Nadu Besides, the rich culture and heritage, Tamil Nadu is a home to number of interesting cities. India Profile offers to give you online information on cities in TamilNadu, India.

Gateway to the south, Chennai is a major city and capital of the Tamil Nadu state. The city is known for its golden sandy beaches and majestic temples and is visited by large number of tourist every year.

Known for its silk saris, Kancheepuram was once the capital of the Pallavas and is today a major tourist attraction and pilgrimage places of India. Cities in Tamil Nadu,Cities of Tamil Nadu,Cities at Tamil Nadu,Tamil Nadu Tours and Travels,Travels and Tours of Tamil Nadu Situated 76 kilometers from Chennai, Kancheepuram is also one of the most sacred cities of India.

Surrounded by Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, Kanyakumari is another beautiful city in Tamil Nadu.

Known for the famous Rameshawaram temple, Rameshawar is a major tourist attractions and pilgrimage center of Tamil Nadu.

Besides, Madurai, Thanjavaur, Kodaianal, Coonoor, Ooty, Trichi etc. are some of the other important cities in Tamil Nadu, which you must visit on your tour here.

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu that the most culturally active as well. The rate with which it has developed, has made the people sit up and take notice of this Chennai. This has helped many till now hidden characters of Tamil Nadu as a state come out. Other major cities of Tamil Nadu are Madurai, Rameshwaram, Coimbatore and Kanyakumari. Ooty is probably the most visited hill station of India which is called 'The Queen of Hill Stations'.


Chennai is the fourth largest city of India and one of the fastest growing. Formerly known as Madras, this vibrant city is home Marina Beach and the famous Kollywood Industry.

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Situated some 250 Km from the capital city Chennai, Chidambaram is a temple town which is a must visit for devotees of Lord Shiva as it is home to the famous Nataraja Temple.


Kancheepuram is considered to one of the seven great cities of ancient India and is called 'The Golden City of Temples'. Kancheepuram has also become home to the finest Silk industry in India. When in Kancheepuram, do not forget to buy yourself some really exquisite silk saris you will ever see.


Catch the most spectacular views of sunrise and sunset from the golden beaches of Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari is the southern most city of India which apart from beaches, is home to many famous temples and tourist attractions.

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Madurai is the most visited pilgrimage destination in Tamil Nadu by the virtue of Sri Meenakshi Temple. The second largest city of Tamil Nadu also boosts of some very well kept palaces like Thirumalai Nayak Palace.

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Earlier known as Mahabalipuram, Mamallapuram is most famous for Shore Temple which has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Rameshwaram is an Island town situated right on the tip of Indian peninsula. It is one of the most sacred destinations in India and is one among the Char Dhams that are visited by Hindu pilgrims.


Thanjavur is 55 km east of Tiruchirappalli. It is the highly fertile delta of the Cavery River and the capital of the Cholas during their supremacy.

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Vellore which is situated 145 km from Chennai, is a semirural bazaar town. For tourists, it is acknowledged only for the Vijayanagar fort and its temple, which are in an excellent state of preservation and worth visiting.

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The most famous land mark of this bustling town is the Rockfort Temple, a spectacular monument perched on a massive rocky out crop which rises abruptly from the plain to tower over the old city.


Aruppukottai is a small township and reflects the cultural essence of Tamil Nadu. The residents of the township seem to enlighten history with the lamps of culture.


One of the most important cities of Tamilnadu, Coimbatore is called the 'Manchester of South India' and is the third largest city in the state. The headquarters of the Nilgiri region......


The serene hill station of Coonoor lies in the arms of the Nilgiri Hills. In fact Coonoor is located at an altitude of 1800 m. Geographically speaking, Coonoor lies at the head of Hulikal ravine.


The place is Kodaikanal, secludedly situated 2100 meters above sea level, in the beautiful Palani Hills. Kodaikanal is 120 Kms from the bustling city of Madurai and at least tens and thousands of Kilometers from the mundane.

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Kumbakonam is the city of divine strife of South India situated in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. It is a fertile area situated on the banks of river Cauvery and one of its tributaries Arasalaru.


Nagercoil is the capital of Kanyakumari. Until 1956, it was a part of Kerala, but now it is in Tamil Nadu. Nagercoil is famous for Nagaraja Temple and the name derived from this Temple.

17Ooty (Udhagamandalam)

Ooty, the Queen be seated in this heavenly abode remained undiscovered to the great southern dynasties and it took the British to explore it in the early 1800s.

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Samayapuram, lying at a distance of 11 km from Trichy in Lalgudi taluk, is famous for the shrine of Mariamman, which Goddess has a rich legendary and historical background


Pondicherry, a Union Territory of India, came under French rule in the second half of the 17th century


To begin with, it was their food that made them famous chiken Pepper fry, did more to Chettinadu cuisine and the lifestyle of the Nattukkotai


A historical important tourist spot with a serene atmosphere and scenic beauty, with a calm Bay of Bengal surrounding it, is not fully exploited


As per the National Archaeological Act, any monument of national importance is taken up over the Government and preserved for posterity.


Not far from the bustling town of Pudukottai, on the periphery of the sleepy village of Annavasal..


The historical Fort Dansborg at Tarangambadi, a relic of the Danishera in India, is back in the limelight with ...


Tiruvannamalai District is known for everlasting peace and divine with the proud possession of the holy shrine of Lord Arunachaleswara and Ashrams.tiruvannamalai tourism , tiruvannamalai travel, hotels in tiruvannamalai, Tiruvannamalai City Information Guide,Tiruvannamalai It had started functioning as a separate district from 30th September 1989, on division of the former North Arcot District.

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