Kodaikanal In Tamil Nadu

Nature at her most beautiful. Where the ochre earth sayly covers herself in emerald silk-That is studded with gems of sheer, glittering water. The mist is her shawl, covering her with mystique and magic. And amidst all this is you, nature's own creation. The place is Kodaikknal, secludely situated 2100 meters above sea level, in the beautiful palani Hills.

Kodaikkanal is 120 Kms from the bustling city of Maudrai and at least tens and thousands of Kilometers from the mundane. Perhaps why those who visited this hill station have come back enchanted and thrilled.

The wooded slopes of kodaikkanal are filled with surprises. Kurinji a plant special to that region, turns the slopes into a sea of purple- once in 12 years!

Kodaikanal lies at the latitude 10deg7' N to 10deg20' N and longitude 77deg16' E to 77deg45' E on the southern tip of upper palani hills in the western ghats at an altitude of 2133m. The unique flowering plant 'Kurunji' that last bloom in 1992, is the nature's gift to Kodaikkannal. The slopes of the hill will be covered by the purple carpet during it's season. Step out of your room and right onto a star shaped sheet of glittering water. Yes, the kodai lake dominates this sleepy hill station. But wait a minute, the lake is actually man-made Go on, take that boats and paddles away. A short walk from the lake (yes, walking is the best way to reach any place interesting in tiny Kodai) and you can enjoy a magnificent display put by nature at Bryant's perk.

Those with stars in their eyes, can catch a glimpse of the heavens (literally speaking) at the Solar Observatory and from Kodai's two telescope houses.

How to reach

By RoadKodaikanal is connected by road with important towns.

By AirThe nearest airport is Madurai, 120 km away. It is well connected to other airports, especially Chennai.

By RailThe nearest railhead is Kodai Road Railway Station, which is 80 km away.

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