Dudwa National Park In Uttar Pradesh

The Dudhwa National Park India is in the sub-Himalayan place known as your Terai belt.A Park will be tucked in between Of india and Nepal within the Lakhimpur-Kheri District of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. Situated in the foot hills of Himalayas in the terai region, the Dudhwa National Park, which is also a Tiger Reserve, is a relatively new entrant in Project Tiger. Dudhwa’s terai vegetation comprises of savannah grasslands interspersed with forests consisting of trees such as Jamun, Shisam, Silk Cotton tree, Khair etc.

Dudhwa Wild life National Park, Royal Bengal Tiger is certainly the best and handsomest involving all the creatures. It’s no surprise that they call him the King. He is India’s best possession. And like his Homeland, India, he too offers in which Mystical Aura; a good aura that enchants your body; captivates the Mind and transcends the Technique. What is man, a puny and tiny biped, versus the Awesome Tiger! Just take away the gun and gunpowder and the Tiger will re-establish his Rule. Dudhwa National Park India

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is very prominent and well protected Tiger habitat. Some 100 tigers dwell here. These big pet cats have got adapted themselves in order to all the three habitats of the Park.

How to obtain there

From Delhi: 450 km
From Lucknow: 250 km
From Shahjehanpur: 110 km

Ideal Time to travel

The best season to visit Dudwa National Park is October to April.

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