Historical Places In Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu there are numerous Historical Places which you can see, each more beautiful than the other.Tamil Nadu harbours some of the richest biodiversity in the world. Out of those thousands, here we list out the top Historical Places to see in case you are on a short trip to Tamil Nadu. Even if you are on a long visit, these are the ones which you must not miss out. Read more about them...

1Aranthangi Fort in Tamil Nadu

Aranthangi is the second largest town in Pudukkottai district. Aranthangi was the most populous locality in the south of the Thanjavur district till it was added to Pudukkottai.

2Arjuna's Penance in Tamil Nadu

Arjuna's Penance, perhaps the world's largest bas-relief, is the universe itself in stone, throbbing with a vastness of conception.

3Bharathiyar Illam in Tamil Nadu

The greatest Tamil poets, Subramanya Bharathi (also spelt as Bharti) was born in Ettayapuram (around 600-km from Chennai), in 1882.

4Fort St. George in Tamil Nadu

The first bastion of British power in India now houses the Tamilnadu Legislative assembly and council and offices of the State's secretariat.

5Genji fort in Tamil Nadu

It is located on the Tindivanam - Thiruvannamalai road about 25 kms. from Tindivanam and is about 132 kms. from Chidambaram.

6Kamaraj Memorial House in Tamil Nadu

Built in the memory of Shri Kamaraj, the late chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Kamaraj Memorial House is now a permanent gallery that showcases photographs and personal effects of Kamaraj

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7Madras War Cemetery in Tamil Nadu

The Madras War Cemetery, a tribute to the valiant men and women who laid down their lives in the Second World War, was set up in 1952 by the Imperial War Graves Commission

8Manora Fort in Tamil Nadu

The Manora fort is situated 65-km away from Thanjavur. The fort was built byRajah Serfoji in 1814 to commemorate the victory of the British over Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo.

9Padmanabhampuram Palace in Tamil Nadu

The ancient historical town Padmanabhapuram is one of the four municipalities in the district is 55 Km. south of Trivandrum, about two km. east of Thuckalay and 35 km. from Kanyakumari on the Trivandrum-Cape Comerin road.

10Panchalankurichi & Kattabomman Memorial Fort in Tamil Nadu

Panchalankurichi, is a small but historic village around 70km from Tirunelveli and18 km from Tuticorin.

11Rock Fort Temple in Tamil Nadu

Tiruchirappalli itself has a long history, going back to the centuries before the Christian era, when it was a Chola citadel.

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12Senate House in Tamil Nadu

One of Chennai's most impressive architectural marvels, Senate House, at the Madras University campus on the Marina, was constructed under the supervision of Robert Fellowes Chisholm, one of the greatest architects of the 19th century.

13Sivaganga Palace in Tamil Nadu

Called "Gowri Vilasam", the palace situated in the heart of Sivaganga about 40 km from Madurai, was the seat of many Marava kings.

14Thanjavur Palace in Tamil Nadu

The rice bowl of Tamil Nadu, Tanjavur is a bustling country town situated 55 kms east of Trichy.

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15The Corporation Campus in Tamil Nadu

Named after Lord Rippon, the Father of local self-government, the foundation for the magnificent building was laid by Sir Gilbert John Elliot Murray Kynyn Mound Bart and Carl of Minto, then Viceroy and Governor General of India on December 12, 1909.

16Thirumalai Nayak Mahal in Tamil Nadu

The Thirumalai Nayak's palace is open to the public from 9.00a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.00p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

17Valluvar Kottam in Tamil Nadu

The memorial to the poet-saint Tiruvalluvar is shaped like a temple chariot and is, in fact, the replica of the temple chariot in Thiruvarur.

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18Vellore Fort in Tamil Nadu

The fort is one of the finest examples of military architecture in South India.

19Vivekananda Illam in Tamil Nadu

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is another place in Kanyakumari which attracts large number of tourists.

20Government Museum, Chennai

Well worth visiting , the Government Museum is on Pantheon Road between Egmore and Anna Salai. The building originally belonged to a group of eminent British citizens, known as the Pantheon Committee, who were responsible for improving the social life of the British in Madras. Museums in Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu Museums, Museums of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Museums, Museums Tour Tamil Nadu, South Indian Museums, Southern India Museums The Main Building has a fine archaeological section representing all the major South Indian periods including Chola, Vijayanagar, Hoysala and Chalukya. It also houses a good ethnology collection. The bronze gallery has a superb collection of Chola art. One of the most impressive is the bronze of Ardhanariswara, the androgynous incarnation of Shiva. The museum complex is open 9.30 am to 5 pm; closed Friday and public holidays.

21National Art Gallery, Chennai

The National Art Gallery was established in 1857. There are sections on geology, archaeology anthropology, numismatics, botany, zoology and sculpture, besides a collection of armoury.

22Silappathikara Art Gallery, Poompuhar

A beautiful seven tired building of great sculptural value has been built as Sillappathikara Art Gallery. Museums in Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu Museums, Museums of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Museums, Museums Tour Tamil Nadu, South Indian Museums, Southern India Museums The first storey is 12" high, and each storey above it has a height of 5' . The topmost part which has 'Kalasams with a height of 8'. The total height of Art gallery is 50'.

The 'Magara Thoranavayil' at the entrance of the Art Gallery imparts an imposing and beautiful look to the whole structure. Its height is 22½'. It has been designed on the pattern of Magara Thorana Vayil, found in Suruli Malai Mangala Devi Koil. There is also an anklet shaped tank in the Art-Gallery. On this side of this tank are installed the statues of Kannagi (9½') and Mathavi (8½')

Scenes from Sillappathikaram, the Epic of the land have been given lively shapes in stones on the walls of the Gallery. These sculptures carved by the sculptors of Mamallapuram Art College remain the treasure house of Tamil Culture.

23Government Museums at Ooty

The government museum, Mysore Road, Ooty has items of tribal objects, district's ecological details and representative sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu.Museums in Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu Museums, Museums of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Museums, Museums Tour Tamil Nadu, South Indian Museums, Southern India Museums It was set up in 1989, with a view to provide education benefits to the residing and visiting population of Nilgiris district.

24Thanjavur Art Gallery

A remarkable collection of south Indian sculptures and paintings is housed in the old palace buildings at Thanjavur (Tanjore). Thanjavur has been an art centre of great importance throughout almost the entire history of Tamil Nadu. During the Chola period, two magnificent temples were built in this region, the Brihadeswara Temple and the Gangaikondacholapuram Temple ( tenth to 11th centuries). Today, the town is a flourishing centre for bronze sculpture, stonework and paintings.

The palace was originally built by the Nayak rulers of Tamil Nadu. It was this dynasty that added to and enlarged many of the temples, with ornate and often huge sculptures. The palace building, set within a large compound, also contains the Saraswati Library and the Sangeetha Sabha, or Music Hall.

Within the museum there is a gallery with a representative collection of stone sculpture from the Pallava, Chola, Pandya and Nayaka periods. Another gallery contains samples of the characteristic glass paintings of Tanjore.

Hours: 9 am-1 pm; 3-6 pm except government holidays, especially those of importance in south India.

25Fort St. George Museum, Chennai

Fort St. George Museum at Chennai houses a collection of portraits and paintings of former governors of Chennai and the English royalty. Other objects that are displayed at the museum are coins, weapons, porcelain, the communion vessels of the church etc.

26Government State Museum Chennai

The Government museum at Chennai has a collection of Amarvati sculptures and the Bronze Gallery, besides other artifacts and articles. The collection of Amaravati sculptors at the museum includes panels, carved railings, pillars and Buddha statues of white marble from a Buddhist stupa excavated at Amaravati. The bronze gallery has bronze sculptures belonging to the later Pallavas, Cholas, Hoyasalas and Chalukya periods.

27Thanjavur Art Gallery, Tanjore

The present day Thanjavur art gallery was once the palace of the Nayaks of Thanjavur and the viceroys of the Vijayanagara rulers. Built in 1600, it is a wonderful and magnificent piece of architecture. The huge compound encompasses a complex, which includes the Saraswati Library and the Sangeetha Sabha or Music Hall along with the art gallery. The most important attraction at the Thanjavur art gallery is the sculpture section where south Indian stone sculptures belonging to the Pallava and the Nayaka period are exhibited.

28Madurai Government Museum

The Government Museum at Madurai is yet another repository of cultural heritage of the state and the adjoining regions. The Museum has different sections on anthropology, archaeology, zoology, numismatology, geology and botany. The Museum also has a fine collection of bronze artifacts.

29Silappathikaram Art Gallery, Poompuhar

The Sillappathikaram Art Gallery is a beautiful building of great sculptural value. The first storey of the art gallery is 12" high and every subsequent storey above it has a height of 5'. Scenes from Sillappathikaram, the great Epic, have been projected in stones on the walls of the art Gallery. The sculptors of Mamallapuram Art College carved the sculptures at the Sillappathikaram Art Gallery.

30Government Museum, Ooty

The government museum at Ooty has a diverse collection of tribal objects, Ooty's ecological details and numerous sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu. This museum was set up in 1989, with the aim of providing information to the local and visiting population of the region.

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