Kanyakumari Beach In Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari is the southern most tip of India and is often referred as the 'Land's End' of India.This is the speciality for this beach among the South Indian Beaches.

It is the place of union for the three oceans - The Arabian sea,Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean meet here.

The coastline is almost regular except for some points of land projects into the sea at Cape Comorin.

Kanyakumari is an important pilgrimage center,attracting several thousand pilgrims to its surroundings in Tamil Nadu Beaches.

Sunrise and sunset are spectacular,especially on full moon days is also a speciality for this in South Indian Beaches.

Kanyakumari beach is so called because among the Beaches in Tamil Nadu,it is dedicated to the Hindu deity Kanya who is believed to be an incarnation of the Goddess Parvati who did a long penance to win Lord Shiva's hand in marriage but for some reason wasn't successful and so she wowed that she would remain a virgin all her life.

The Kanyakumari beach is famous for its picturesque beach and the Kumari Amman Temple dedicated to the goddess Kumari.

Devotees from far and wide throng the Kumari Amman Temple for blessings.

Your Kanyakumari beach tours can never be complete without a visit to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial that was constructed in the year 1970 and is located on the scenic Kanyakumari beach.

The beach is a beautiful sight with multi-coloured sand, but it does not really offer one the opportunity to sunbathe on soft golden sands,or to frolic in the waves either.

The Kanyakumari beach has an overwhelming sight with the sand which has played with the colours of the sky.

The beach here does not usually offer one the opportunities to sunbathe on soft silver sands,either to frolic in the waves or in the sands.This is happened in most of the South Indian Beaches.

The seashore is rocky and dangerous,and there is a manmade wall running along it.There is a lighthouse from where one can get a panoramic view here. The most enjoyable season to visit this place is between October and March.

Accommodation is available at the hotels in Kanyakumari with options varying from reasonable economic class to luxurious ones.



The nearest airport is at Thiruvananthapuram (80-km), which is well connected with national and International flights. From Thiruvananthapuram one can take a taxi or bus to Kanyakumari.


Kanyakumari is well connected by train services with all the places in India. Superfast trains connect the southern most railhead of India with northern cities like Jammu and Delhi. Intercity trains are running from almost all the southern cities.


Kanyakumari is connected by regular bus services with Chennai, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Trichy, Madurai,Rameshwaram,Nagercoil, Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Tiruvelveli, Trivandrum, etc. Town bus service, tourist taxis and auto rickshaws are available.

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