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The south Indian state of Tamil Nadu is situated by the Bay of Bengal and is famous for its natural beauty especially for its chromatic beaches and clear skies. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu has some of the loveliest beaches,ideal for a beach holiday on the coastal line of southern India. beaches in tamil nadu, beaches of chennai, madras india beaches, tamil nadu beaches, beach in tamilnadu, south indian beaches, indian beach tours The Marina beach in Chennai is the second longest beach in the world. It has a wonderful golden foreshore and is known as the 'Pride of Chennai'. The Covelong beach is quiet far away from the distractions of the city and the Elliot's beach is the favorite destination for those looking for a clean and peaceful atmosphere. After a short 20-minute drive from Chennai City, one reaches the VGP Golden Beach Resort that offers a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere, a respite from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The Mahabalipuram beach is situated around 60-km south of Chennai, famous for its unique 7th century shore temple and stone sculptures. All in all, the exotic beaches of Tamil Nadu are definitely a must visit.

The beaches of Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of India have got a charm of their own. A must visit is the second longest beach in the world, Marina Beach. Do not miss the fantastic joyride along vast stretches of sand lashed by the Bay of Bengal. Once the place of relaxation and sun bathing, Elliot's Beach is now a favourite shooting location for Tamil movies in Chennai.beaches in tamil nadu, beaches of chennai, madras india beaches, tamil nadu beaches, beach in tamilnadu, south indian beaches, indian beach tours Your beach vacation is South India wob't be complete without visiting the nbeaches of Tamil Nadu, India's last coastal destination for rides on motorized boat or wind surfing.

In Tamil Nadu there are numerous Beaches which you can see, each more beautiful than the other. Out of those , here we list out the top Beaches to see in case you are on a short trip to Tamil Nadu. Even if you are on a long visit, these are the ones which you must not miss out. Read more about them...

Sporting some of the finest South Indian Beaches, Tamil Nadu's capital Chennai has a long seafront including the very popular 12-km stretch of Marina beach.

Rameshwaram, a major pilgrimage centre for Hindus, is famous as the place where Lord Rama offered thanks to Lord Shiva and its Ramnathaswami Temple is one of the most important temples in southern India.

The calm and serene sea, rare sea species, coral reefs, multitude of marine life such as algae, sea cucumber, crabs, starfish, sponges and sea cows, dolphins and shallow waters mark Rameshwaram beach are found.This beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming day and night and watch dolphins frolicking in the waters.

1Marina Beach in Tamil Nadu

Marina Beach beach is located East of Chennai (Madras) at Kamarajar Road, 3 Km away from the city centre. The Marina beach in Chennai is regarded as the second largest in the world in terms of area. It is the most crowded place in the city attracting over 10,000 visitors every day, being the only relief provider for the people of Chennai – who suffer from the scorching heat during summer seasons. The activities like swimming and bathing are not advisable here due to the presence of the strong undercurrent in the waters of the Bay of Bengal. There are so many memorials of great leaders built on his beach.

Among the Tours to Tamil Nadu Beaches, Marina Beach is popularly known as one of the longest beaches in Asia, Marina's 12-km long stretch is a major crowd puller to this beach site. Golden sand, good surfing opportunities and a shimmering clear blue sea water is enough to lure a beach lover to this place. read more about Marina Beach in Tamilnadu.

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2 Mahabalipuram Beach in Tamil Nadu

Mamallapuram beach is located 58-km from south of Chennai.The Mahabalipuram beach is famous for the sea shore temple built by the Pallava Kings. Withstanding ravages of time and catastrophes, the temple has been here unscathed for more than a thousand years. The roar of the waves and the tranquil atmosphere here, plus the age old sculptures drive people from across the world to come and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. Just unwind on this scintillating beach by taking a refreshing dip in the shallow waters or by taking a quiet sun bathe. After you rejuvenated, take a calm walk along the beach exploring the many breathtaking monuments like the 7th century Shore temple that line up on the beach. Other places that attract tourist through out the year are a crocodile bank, snake venom extracting center and an art and sculpture school.This is one tourist spot which no one misses when they travel to Tamil Nadu.

It is one of the Famous Beaches in TamilNadu and longest beach in Asia, Marina's 12-km long stretch is a major crowd puller to this beach site. Golden sand, good surfing opportunities and a shimmering clear blue sea water is enough to lure a beach lover to this place.

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3Rameshwaram Beach in Tamil Nadu

Rameshwaram Beach is more of a pilgrimage center which is believed to be the place where Lord Rama had worshiped Lord Shiva in the form of a Linga. Being a serene beach with shallow waters, people turn in huge numbers for swimming and sunbathing. A variety of rare species of marine life such as life-algae, starfish, sea cucumber and sea cow are found here. Famous for the temple of Ramanatha swamy, this place has the bridge which is the longest ever constructed on sea.

Rameshwaram is one of the most popular pilgrimage centers of South Indian Beaches.The serene beach with shallow waters makes an ideal site for swimming and sunbathing.

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Rameshwaram beachflickr/ravi-kumar

4Kanyakumari Beach in Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari beach is located Tirunelveli district 'If one talks of Kanyakumari Beach, it is difficult to overlook the pleasantries offered by sunset and sunrise to our eyes. This probably is the most beautiful beach of all that are there in South India if not in the whole country. With sand of different shades and hues that is present here, first glimpse of this beach itself is more than enough to capture all your imaginations. The mesmerizing sunrises and the romantic sunsets keep tourists coming back here again and again. From the beach you will see the exquisite Vivekananda Rock Memorial that in itself is a huge crowd puller.Most of the people make their visit here precisely for this very reason. Surrounded by seas on the three sides, this place is located on the southernmost tip of Indian peninsula. No different from Rameshwaram, this is also a much visited pilgrimage spot. Due to the confluence of three waters – Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, the sea waters here will mostly be rough.

Among the south Indian Beaches,Kanyakumari is a unique beach site because it's surrounded by three seas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. A major beach attraction, which the tourists can observe over here, is the breathtaking view of the sunrise and the sunset at their best.

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5 Covelong Beach in Tamil Nadu

Covelong beach is located 40 km away from Chennai and does not attract larger crowds. This is one of the most important and picturesque beaches of Tamil Nadu. This resplendent beach once served as an important port to the Carnatic nawabs. The sea here is quite calm and as far as aqua-sports are concerned you are in for a treat. Once on this sandy beach, visit the many historical churches and forts that line up on the beach. Do not miss out on the many water sports like snorkeling and surfing that you can indulge in here.Marked by serene beauty, it has been a hub for French in India at one point of time. This has been an ideal spot for the people who wish to meditate due to the peaceful ambiance prevailing here. Adventure lovers never leave the place disappointed either, due to the water sports which are widely played here. The very fact that fishing activities are unsurpassed here, this part of the world is also known as a fishing town.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded Chennai city, Covelong's salubrious beach site provides a nice breathing space and offers numerous with fishing activities.

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6 Elliots Beach in Tamil Nadu

Elliots beach, also known as Besant Nagar beach, is located in Chennai. This beach is named after Edward Elliot, the Governer of the then Madras. It is in close proximity to both Besant Nagar Church and Ashta Lakshmi temple and so it brings in people from both regions. On this beach, a memorial has been erected, honoring a sailor called Karl Schmidt who lost his life in the process of saving a drowning swimmer.


Muttukkadu is known for its backwater and estuary. It is ideal for rides on motorized boats or for wind surfing. One can hire a pedal boat or a row boat for cruising leisurely. Other activities one can indulge at Muttukkadu are angling and fishing.


Mandapam is the mainland linking the island of Rameswaram. It is the Gateway to many small islands and is bestowed with a quite beach dominated by sun and surf.

6 Kurusadai Islands

The Kurusadai islands are wee-known for their natural beauty and is situated off Mandapam. It is famous for coral reefs and rare species of marine life such as Dolphins. Permission from the Fisheries Department in Chennai is necessary to visit the Islands and make it your holiday destinatiion.

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