List of Waterfall in India

In India there are numerous Waterfall attractions which you can see, each more beautiful than the other. Out of those , here we list out the top Waterfall attractions to see in case you are on a short trip to India. Even if you are on a long visit, these are the ones which you must not miss out. Read more about them...

1Kuntala Waterfall Adilabad in Andhra Pradesh

2Kailasakona Falls Chittoorin Andhra Pradesh

3Pochera Falls Adilabadin Andhra Pradesh

4Rampachodavaram East Godavariin Andhra Pradesh

5Nemaligundla falls Giddalurin Andhra Pradesh

6Ethipothala Falls in Andhra Pradesh

7Kapila Theertham Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh

8Talakona Chittoorin Andhra Pradesh

9Ubbalamdugu Falls Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh

10Mallela Theertham Falls Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh

11Katiki Water Falls Visakhapatnamin Andhra Pradesh

12Thatiguda Falls in Andhra Pradesh

13Akashiganga Waterfall in Assam

14Champawati Kunda in Assam

15Shivakunda Waterfall in Assam

16Kakolat in Bihar

17Manjhar K in Bihar

18North Tank in Bihar

19Madhuvdhandam in Bihar

20talakona in Bihar

11Chitrakoot Falls, Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh

22Teerathgarh Falls in Chhattisgarh

23Kesarval Falls in Goa

24Arvalam Falls in Goa

25Dudhsagar Falls in Goa

6Tamdi Surla Falls in Goa

27Ninai Falls in Gujarat

28Zarwani Falls in Gujarat

29Gira dhodh Falls in Gujarat

30Zanzari Falls in Gujarat

31Machhu Falls in Gujarat

32Jamjir Falls in Gujarat

33Bihar Falls in Gujarat

34Hathni waterfall in Gujarat

35Gira falls in Gujarat

36Machhrial Falls in Himachal Pradesh

37Rahla Falls in Himachal Pradesh

38Sissu Fall in Himachal Pradesh

39Chadwick Falls in Himachal Pradesh

40Bundla Falls in Himachal Pradesh

41Palani Falls in Himachal Pradesh

52Badri Falls in Himachal Pradesh

43Bhagsu Falls in Himachal Pradesh

44Siad Baba Waterfall in Jammu Kashmir

45Gua Falls in Jharkhand

46Sadni Falls in Jharkhand

47Rajrappa in Jharkhand

48Moti Jharna Falls in Jharkhand

49Halpad Falls in Jharkhand

50Kelaghagh Falls in Jharkhand

51Usri Falls in Jharkhand

52Keridah Falls in Jharkhand

53Maludah Falls in Jharkhand

54Dharagiri Falls in Jharkhand

55Lower Ghaghri Falls in Jharkhand

56Hundru Falls in Jharkhand

57Jadni Falls in Jharkhand

58Jonha Falls in Jharkhand

59Lodh Falls in Jharkhand

60Dassam Falls in Jharkhand

61Hirni Falls in Jharkhand

62Chiller arpid Falls in Jharkhand

63Panchghagh Falls in Jharkhand

64Sugabandh Falls in Jharkhand

65Upper Ghaghri Falls in Jharkhand

66Sita Falls in Jharkhand

67Mirchaiya Falls in Jharkhand

68Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls in Karnataka

69Apsarakonda Falls in Karnataka

70Lalguli Falls in Karnataka

71Nisargadhama Falls in Karnataka

72Burude Falls or Dodmane Falls in Karnataka

73Shivagange Falls in Karnataka

74Belkal theertha Shimoga in Karnataka

75Dabbe Falls Shimoga in Karnataka

76Waate haLLa Falls in Karnataka

77Vibhooti Falls in Karnataka

78Alekan Falls in Karnataka

79Dondole Falls in Karnataka

80Shanti Falls in Karnataka

81Abbey Falls Kodagu in Karnataka

82Arisina Gundi Falls in Karnataka

83Barkana Falls in Karnataka

84Bennehole Falls in Karnataka

85Chunchanakatte Falls in Karnataka

86Godchinamalaki Falls in Karnataka

87Gokak Falls Belgaum in Karnataka

88Hebbe Falls Chikmagalur in Karnataka

89Irupu Falls Kodagu in Karnataka

90Jomlu Theertha Falls in Karnataka

91Chelavara Falls Kodagu in Karnataka

92Mallalli Falls Kodagu in Karnataka

93Jog Falls or Gersoppa Falls in Karnataka

94Hidlumane Falls Shimoga in Karnataka

95Kalhatti Falls Chikmagalur in Karnataka

96Unchalli Falls or Keppa Falls in Karnataka

97Koosalli Falls in Karnataka

98Kudumari Falls or Belligundi Falls in Karnataka

99Magod Falls Uttara Kannada in Karnataka

100Manikyadhara Falls Chikmagalu in Karnataka

101Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall in Karnataka

102Shivanasamudra Falls in Karnataka

103Sathodi Falls in Karnataka

104Varapoha Falls Belgaum in Karnataka

105Sirimane Falls Chikmagalur in Karnataka

106Sogal Falls Belgaum in Karnataka

107Chunchi Falls in Karnataka

108Suthanabbe Falls or Hanumanagundi Falls in Karnataka

109Kunchikal Falls in Karnataka

110Athirappilly water Falls in Kerala

111Perunthenaruvi water falls in Kerala

112Adyanpara Falls in Kerala

113Alakapuri Falls in Kerala

114Ananthoni Falls in Kerala

115Aruvikkuzhi, Pathanamthitta in Kerala

116Aruvikkuzhi,Kottayam in Kerala

117Attukal Falls in Kerala

118Chellarkovil Falls in Kerala

119Cheeyappara Falls in Kerala

120Chethalayam Falls Wayanad in Kerala

121Kaalakkayam Falls in Kerala

122Keezharkuth Falls in Kerala

123Madatharuvi Falls in Kerala

124Mankayam Falls in Kerala

125Meenmutty in Kerala

126Mulamkuzhi in Kerala

127Muniyara Falls in Kerala

128Nyayamkad Falls in Kerala

129Palaruvi Falls in Kerala

130Peringalkuthu in Kerala

131Perunthenaruvi Falls in Kerala

132Pindimed Falls in Kerala

133Soochipara Falls in Kerala

134Thenpara Falls in Kerala

135Thommankuthu Falls in Kerala

136Thusharagiri Falls in Kerala

137Valara Falls in Kerala

138Vazhachal Falls in Kerala

139Seetharkundu Waterfalls in Kerala

140Palakapandi Water Falls in Kerala

141Bhoora Khon Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh

142Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh

143Bahuti Falls in Madhya Pradesh

144Kapildhara Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh

145Kukdi Khapa Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh

146Lilahi Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh

147Pandav Falls in Madhya Pradesh

148Pawa Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh

149Raneh Falls in Madhya Pradesh

150Sanakua Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh

151Shambhudhara Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh

152Sultan Garh Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh

153Tincha Falls in Madhya Pradesh

154Dugdhdhara Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh

155Chachai Falls in Madhya Pradesh

156Gatha Falls in Madhya Pradesh

157Keoti Falls in Madhya Pradesh

158Rajat Prapat in Madhya Pradesh

159Patalpani Falls in Madhya Pradesh

160Dhuandhar Falls in Madhya Pradesh

161Purwa Falls in Madhya Pradesh

162Kune Falls Pune in Maharashtra

163Pandavkada Falls in Maharashtra

164Marleshwar Waterfalls Ratnagiri in Maharashtra

165Peb Waterfalls Raigad in Maharashtra

166Garambi Waterfalls Raigad in Maharashtra

167Kandhar Waterfalls Sangli in Maharashtra

168Lingamala Waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

169Thoseghar Waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

170Rajmachi Waterfalls Pune in Maharashtra

171Gavlideo Hill Falls Thane in Maharashtra

172Nivali Falls Ratnagiri in Maharashtra

173Usarvardhane Waterfalls Thane in Maharashtra

174Ozarde Waterfalls Patan,Satar in Maharashtra

175Bhivpuri Waterfalls Thane in Maharashtra

176Napne Falls Sindhudurg in Maharashtra

177Vajrai Waterfall Satara in Maharashtra

178Dabhosa Waterfalls Thane in Maharashtra

179Tiger Falls Pune in Maharashtra

180Tigher Waterfalls Thane in Maharashtra

181Sahastrakunda Waterfalls Nanded in Maharashtra

182Bhildari valley Waterfalls Aurangabad in Maharashtra

183Tapalwadi Falls Thane in Maharashtra

184Bhilar Waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

185Amboli Ghat Falls Sindhudurg in Maharashtra

186Chirkehind Waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

187Vyaghreshwar waterfall Sindhudurg in Maharashtra

188Barki Waterfalls Kolhapur in Maharashtra

189Mandakini Waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

190SavDav Waterfalls Sindhudurg in Maharashtra

191Randha Falls Ahmednagar in Maharashtra

192Needle Point Waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

193Palsambe Waterfalls Kolhapur in Maharashtra

194Ale's waterfall Satara in Maharashtra

195Dhobi Falls Satara in Maharashtra

196Umbrella Falls Ahmednagar in Maharashtra

197Chinchoti Waterfalls Thane in Maharashtra

198Zenith Waterfalls Thane in Maharashtra

199Ramatirth Waterfall Kolhapur in Maharashtra

200Kelghar waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

201Dudhsagar Waterfalls Nashik in Maharashtra

202Ramdharneshwar Waterfalls Raigad in Maharashtra

203Chinmans waterfalls Satara in Maharashtra

204Sawatkada Waterfalls Raigad in Maharashtra

205Dodhvne Tivre Falls Ratnagiri in Maharashtra

206Chinchghar Falls Sindhudurg in Maharashtra

207Tamhini Waterfalls Pune in Maharashtra

208Sawatkada Waterfalls Ratnagiri in Maharashtra

209Dugarwadi Waterfalls Nashik in Maharashtra

210Berki Waterfalls Kolhapur in Maharashtra

211Nagartas Falls Sindhudurg in Maharashtra

212Vihigaon Waterfalls Mumbai in Maharashtra

213Malsej ghat Falls Thane in Maharashtra

214Beadon Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

215Bishop Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

216Kynrem Falls Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya

217Langshiang Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

218Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya

219Nohsngithiang Falls Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya

220Sweet Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

221Elephant Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

222Crinoline Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

223Margaret Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

224Spread Eagle Falls Shillong in Meghalaya

225Vantawng Falls in Mizoram

226Ammakunda Falls Malkangiri in Odisha

227Badaghagara Waterfall in Odisha

228Bagra Falls Koraput in Odisha

229Barehipani Falls Mayurbhanj in Odisha

230Beniadhus fall Nuapada in Odisha

231Budhakholo Falls Ganjam in Odisha

232Chatikona Falls Rayagada in Odisha

233Deokunda Falls Mayurbhanj in Odisha

234Duduma Waterfalls Koraput in Odisha

235Gandahathi Falls Gajapati in Odisha

236Handi Bhanga Waterfall Kendujhar in Odisha

237Harishankar Falls Sundergarh in Odisha

238Hathi Pathar Falls Rayagada in Odisha

239Joranda Falls Mayurbhanj in Odisha

240Khandadhar Falls, Sundagarh in Odisha

241Khandadhar Falls, Kendujhar in Odisha

242Khanduala Falls Kalahandi in Odisha

243Koilighugar Waterfall Jharsuguda in Odisha

244Phurlijharan Falls Kalahandi in Odisha

245Pradhanpat Falls Debagarh in Odisha

246Putudi Falls Kandhamal in Odisha

247Machhakunda Falls Koraput in Odisha

248Miriglotah Falls Sundergarh in Odisha

249Nrusimhanath Falls Bargarh in Odisha

250Rabandarh Falls Kalahandi in Odisha

251Sanaghagara Waterfall Kendujhar in Odisha

252Sonepur Falls in Odisha

253Agasthiar Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

254Agaya Gangai Namakkal in Tamil Nadu

255Aintharuvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

256Amirthi Falls Vellore in Tamil Nadu

257Anju Veedu Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

258Ayyanar Falls Virudhunagar in Tamil Nadu

259Bamen Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

260Bear Shola Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

261Beemanmadavu Vellore in Tamil Nadu

262Catherine Falls Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

263Chinnakallar Falls Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

264Chitraruvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

265Elk Falls Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

266Fairy Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

267Gaur Vellaiyan Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

268Glen Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

269Halashana Falls Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

270Hogenakal Falls Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu

271Jalagamparai Waterfalls Vellore in Tamil Nadu

272Kalhutti Fall Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

273Kalikesam Falls Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu

274Karteri Fall Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

275Kiliyur Falls Salem in Tamil Nadu

276Kolakambai Falls Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

277Koraiyar Falls Perambalur in Tamil Nadu

278Kumbakkarai Falls Theni in Tamil Nadu

279Kutharapaanjan Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

280Kuthiraiyar Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

281Kutladampatti Falls Madurai in Tamil Nadu

282Kutralam Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

283Law's Fall Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

284Mangalam Aruvi Perambalur in Tamil Nadu

285Manimuthar Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

287Mayil Uthu Falls Perambalur in Tamil Nadu

288Monkey Falls Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

289Neptune Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

290Paalaru Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

291Palar Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

292Pambar Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

293Papanasam Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

294Pazhathotta Aruvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

295Pazhaya Courtallam Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

296Peraruvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

297Periyar Falls Viluppuram in Tamil Nadu

298Poombarai Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

299Pudur Megan Falls Viluppuram in Tamil Nadu

300Puli Aruvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

301Puthu Aruvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

302Pykara lower Falls Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

303Pykara upper Falls Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

304Sengupathi Falls Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

305Shenbaga Devi Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

306Shenbaga Thoppu Meenvetti in Tamil Nadu

307Shenbagathoppu Falls Virudhunagar in Tamil Nadu

308Silver Cascade Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

309Siruvani Waterfalls Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

310Skamba Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

311Snake Falls (Tamil Nadu) Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

312Suruli Falls Theni in Tamil Nadu

313Thakkam thootam Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

314Thalaiyar Falls (Rat tail) Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

315Thenaruvi Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

316Thirumoorthy Falls Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

317Thiruparappu Falls Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu

318Thoovanam Falls Dindigul in Tamil Nadu

319Ullakarvi Falls Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu

320Baana Theertham Falls Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu

321Vaideki Falls Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

322Vattaparai Falls Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu

323Kempty Water Fall, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand

324Kempty Falls in Uttarakhand

325Birthi Falls in Uttarakhand

326Tiger Falls in Uttarakhand

327Corbett Falls in Uttarakhand

328Vasudhara Falls in Uttarakhand

329Surya Kund in Uttarakhand

330Gauri Kund in Uttarakhand

331Pushpawati Falls in Uttarakhand

332Vindham Waterfall in Uttar Pradesh

333Lakhaniya Dari Waterfall in Uttar Pradesh

334Sidhnath Dari Waterfall in Uttar Pradesh

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