Tribals Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan tribal cover almost 12% population of the State. Main tribal of Rajasthan are mainly Bhils and Minas. These two tribal are said to the original inhabitants of Rajasthan. But there are also other small tribes scattered in the state. All these tribes share common traits but have little variation in their jewellery, costume, festival. We welcomes you to explore Rajasthan Tribal on your Rajasthan Tour to India.

Bhils :

About 39% of Rajasthan tribal consist of Bhils. They are mainly located in Banswara region. Bhils are said to be fine Archers and also known as food gatherers but with passing time they started doing small-scale agriculture. Bhils were also referred in the famous Hindu epic Ramayana and Mahabharata. Every year during the Banswara fair the Bhils Tribal dance and sing and worship their deities for many days. Holi is another main festival for them. Superstition and witchcraft are also practiced by them.

Minas :

After Bhils, Minas are the second largest tribes in Rajasthan also mentioned in the Mahabharata and Vedas. They are original inhabitants of Indus valley region but later dispersed by Kachhawah Rajputs towards Aravalis. They are tall, brown, thick lips with sharp features. Before Minas were the ruling tribe but their downfall started with the advent of Rajputs and were completed during British period because they named them as a “Criminal Tribe”. Minas are married at younger age and only in their own tribe by the parents.

Gaduliya Lohars :

This tribe derived its name after the beautiful bullock carts “Gadis”. They were initially a Marshal Rajput tribe and then wandering blacksmith tribes. They were from Mewar but became homeless after they vowed to Maharana Pratap would re-enter the region only after Maharana Pratap wins, but unfortunately he was doomed by Akbar.

Shariyas :

Shariya tribe is said to be of Bhil origin, mostly rajasthan jungle dwellers. They are to be found in the regions of Dungarpur, Kota, and Sawai Madhopur in North Eastern region of the Rajasthan. They mostly do shifting cultivation, fishing and hunting for their living.

Garasias :

Can be found in the regions of Abu road area in South of Rajasthan. This tribe has an interesting way of marriage that is elopement in a Gaur fair which is held in March during full moon and later on when bride is found, a price is paid to the bride’s father.

Damors :

Damors are small tribal community found in Dungarpur and Udaipur district originally migrated from Gujarat. They are mainly laborers and cultivators.

Beside the above few other tribal can be found in Rajasthan :

  • Kathodi(Mewar region)
  • Banjara and Meo
  • Kanjar tribe
  • Sansi tribe

Journey to see these tribal and closely to witness their culture, folk dance, dress they wear and their lifestyle and the simplicity they still have will really touch your heart. We recommends to explore Rajasthan Tribal on your Rajasthan India Tour.

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