Rural Charms Of Rajasthan

The most classic way to explore the real Rajasthan is to visit any village in Rajasthan. People in the villages are very colorful, vibrant and they find happiness in dry rugged terrain. Beautifully colored kitchen through which smoke coming from the windows of thatched roofed huts, camel lazily grazing fodder, kids playing with the tails of the animals. All these offer an extra edge for rural tourism. Spicy flavored cuisine and fresh butter can be savored delightfully here. We welcomes you to the lifestyle which still remains untouched with today’s modernity where you might get a chance to fetch your own pail of water.

Experience the Lifestyle of a Village :

Rajasthan is a major tourist’s attraction, a state full of historical palaces, forts, sand dunes. But the state has much more to offer, it is also famous for its rustic life. The hospitality which you will experience here is really unmatched and makes you stay here for more days. A day in these huts made of mud is no less than staying at heritage palaces of Rajasthan. You will get fresh hot milk and fresh baked bread in earthen utensil in morning for breakfast. When you move out you can see sprawling green fields, birds twittering and fresh breeze. Land holdings of rural people are not too large and ploughing is still done like it was done in olden days, though tractors are used by hiring them.

Women of villages are busy with their household’s works cleaning their courtyards, design the walls of their huts with the mixture of clay, hay and cow dung. You can also try your hand in churning fresh butter with your own hands. If you by any chance visit nearby places of Thar Desert like; Barmer, Dechhu, Shergarh you should not miss the famous Camel ride.

During evenings you can visit local Panchayat and hear their number of tales of the village. Music lovers can also enjoy the melody of “sarangi” and during night you can relax and relish the mouth watering homemade food including curd and fresh vegetables.

Altogether you will have a memorable experience of a lifetime.

What to see and what to do.

  • Spend a day or two in the mud huts.
  • Experience olden days technique of farming
  • Experience the local folk music
  • Take a camel ride
  • Try hand on churning fresh butter etc.

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