Rajasthani Paintings

Rajasthan plays an important role in the development of Indian art. This state is very famous for its exquisite and amazing paintings all over the world. Paintings done here have a very distinct feature of its own. So if you are an art lover you should really buy one. There are many schools of paintings in Rajasthan all having distinct styles. Few to name them are Mewar, Hadoti, Alwar and Kishanga.

We presents some of the important Art work of Rajasthan.

Miniature Art :

This is the most famous and prevalent type of painting. The history goes back to the 11th century. It is painted on hand made paper using vegetable colors. Silk wood and precious stones are also used in it to make the paintings more elaborate. Initially the paintings were illustration of manuscripts and later the art depicted the lifestyles of the royal patrons. Mughals also influenced this art through their Mughal court style. In modern miniature art there is the illustration of those old age tradition of Rajasthan.

Phads :

Pahds are the traditional scroll form of painting. Painting is done in very long rectangular coarse cloth in which the illustration of life and exploits of two famous folk heroes Narian and Pabuji. Scrolls have the narrative form of description. Other description is of Bhadvad Purana and other popular folk stories.

Pichwais :

Pichwais are another famous type of paintings of Rajasthan. It is used as the backdrop of Srinathji at Nathdwara. Fully decorated in different attires Srinathji and the scenes of festival at Nathdwara are painted. It could be hand block paintings, embroidered and woven painting etc.

Folk Painting :

This painting is done with raw hand generally for the occasion like birth of a child, marriage, festivals. These are generally practiced by tribes so it can be found mostly in villages and rural places.

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