Rajasthan Marble

Marble is very important mineral commodity of Rajasthan. It generates revenue worth 555 million and which gives employment to 5 lakh workforce. Marble was always considered to be the material of elite but now with the increase of purchasing power of people in the middle class and is now quiet commonly used for building homes other than the other conventional material such as brick, clay, concrete etc.

Rajasthan one of the largest producers of marble is known as the marble state of India. 4000 marble mines exists and approx 1100 marble cutter across 16 districts. One of the famous Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is built by white marble brought from Makrana in Rajasthan.

There are different categories of marble other than white marble which is found in Rajasthan like Albeta, Kumari, Pink, Dolomite, Doongri, Rajasthan Green, Super White etc.

Marbles are used to make items like statues of man and animal, small size monuments, jewellery box, book shelves, flower vase and much more. It is really interesting to see how finely these marbles are carved and beautiful architecture is made out of it. In the history of Rajasthan Rajputs inherited the qualities of carving attractive and delicate monuments of marble. The same quality still remains and has changed hands in time. Now with the addition of modern facilities the carving part has been made much easier.

However it’s amazing fact that in olden days how those heavy slabs of white marble was brought to Agra to build monument like Taj Mahal. We recommends you to visit the Marble mining area of Rajasthan and on your way back home a marble architecture with you as a souvenir to remember the living art and Incredible Rajasthan Tour.

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