Deserts In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is said to be the largest State of India. People in Rajasthan are vibrant colorful and rich in culture. Thar Desert on one side and the other side is Indus valley river Sutluj along with border with Pakistan our neighbor country. It covers about 70% area of northwestern and western part of the State. Bikaner, Jodhpur, Barner, Jaisalmer are some district covered by Thar Desert. During daytime the maximum temperature goes high up to 49 degree centigrade, though night can be very cool as the temperature falls down.

Camel is said to be the most convenient transport in the desert and called “The Ship of Desert” It can survive in a hot climate for long period of time. Human feet or other transport like car is not very successful to travel in desert for it can easily sink through the fine sand.

Rajasthan is very famous for “Desert Festival”. During this festival you can enjoy shopping, folk dances and rajasthani delicacies. Local women adorn themselves with heavy jewelry and colorful costume. Men too love decorating themselves.

We welcome you to experience the folk dance, folk music and many cultural programme in the Rajasthan Desert.

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