Dances of Rajasthan

Rajasthan dance is the main attraction of any celebration or festival of the State. Locals perform this form of art in a lively and colorful way that it urges you to dance as well. It is a very expressive form of dance with a unique costume to put on. Detailing of the costume is very much kept in mind because it is said to be the intricate part of the dance. We offers the information on Rajasthan Dances.

Ghoomar Dance :

“Ghoomar” is a word derived from Ghoomna that means twirling in English. It is a most popular dance forms in Rajasthan mainly performed by women on any auspicious occasion. The costume which is worn in this dance is called “Ghagra” a type flared skirt. It is colorful and bright.

Bhavai Dance :

This is a form of dance which is very difficult and only skilled dancers can perform this dance. During the dance women has to balance 8-9 brass pitchers on their head and twirl themselves slowly on the edge of glass or swords. Its stunningly beautiful and impressive form of dance.

Gair Dance :

This is mainly a tribal dance performed by both men and women. It performed during Holi. The dress worn is a tunic top which opens out as skirt. Rhythm is maintained by the beating of sticks.

Chari Dance :

Performed by people when they go in search of water and finds it. In this dance also women balances pitcher on head and dance gracefully. There is also use of hands in a slow manner. In the topmost pot cotton seed is burned to produce a flame which forms various interesting patterns.

Drum Dance :

In this form of dance man puts a naked sword in his mouth and side by side juggles with other 3 swords. Other members of the troupe has drum tied around his neck and in the hands is cymbals. It is a form of martial arts.

Kachhi Ghodi :

It is a vigorous form of dance performed to entertain bridegroom’s party. The costume resembles a riding horse. Mock fights are done in this form of dance.

Sapera Dance :

This form is a sensuous form of dancing performed by the Kalbeliya snake charmer’s community. The costume which is worn during this performance is a long black dress with embroidered silver ribbon decoration. While the dancer spin in such an acrobatic manner that their body seems to be made of rubber.

Kathputli Dance :

Kathputli means puppet. The puppet are tied with strings and with the help of fingers are made to dance on a stage sound produced by mouth during the show.

Terah Talli :

The Kamad community of Deedwana and Pokhran practices this devotional form of dancing in the honor of Baba Ramdeo a folk hero. In this dance women sits on the floor and has cymbals attached on their hands. The dancers sometime balance pots on their hands and a sword is put on their mouth to make it more interesting

Kathak Dance :

This is a form of dance which is said to be evolved as gharana in Jaipur courts. Later on it reached its centre to Lucknow, U.P and got established in many places.

Fire Dance :

This form of dance is performed in the beds of red burning coal, and speed increases with the crescendo of the music till one reaches to a hypnotic stage. It’s mostly performed in winter nights of Rajasthan. The sight in itself is a breathtaking one.

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