Culture of Rajasthan

A combination of History, Geography and lifestyle of the people forms a culture of a place. The culture of Rajasthan is very unique and different which has been evolved with the help of the combination of various factors but its Geographical factor has played the most dominant factor in the formation of Rajasthani culture. Numbers of fairs, festivals, colorful costumes covers the harsh living conditions and dullness of the place. Rajasthan is also land of Rajput kings, Palaces, Forts which is the attraction for many tourists all over the world. If you gat chance to visit the colorful land of Rajputs, you will definitely be amazed to experience the music, fairs, festival, lifestyles and many other unrevealed side of the Desert land.We welcomes you to experience and get the taste of unmatched Rajasthan culture.

Folk dance and Music of Rajasthan :

Culture of Rajasthan includes music and folk dance the folk dance and music of the place is very hypnotic, lively, exhilarating and compelling. The voice of man and women both is strong and there is a song for almost every occasion. The song sung by women reflects the different moods and the family ties they live in. “Inhale” and “Peepli” are songs for their beloved to tell them to return soon to her or not to leave her.

Festival and Fairs of Rajasthan :

It plays a very important role in the formation of Rajasthan culture. The land of rich culture Rajasthan shines more during the season of fairs and festivals. There is a celebration for every change of season, religious occasion, and harvest. Travel to the state will give you a numerous reason to celebrate and feel the culture.

Rajasthan Cuisine :

Cuisine of Rajasthan is another important part of the culture. Cuisine which you get here is different from the rest of the world. Rajasthan boast distinct cuisine Shikar meat a famous cuisine of Rajputs. “Sule” –the smoked Rajasthan kebab and pure vegetarian cuisine of the Maheswari of Marwar to name a few.

Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan :

Art and Crafts and culture go hand in hand. Art depicts the taste and lifestyle of the ruler from the past, the local people. Kings in the olden times encouraged artisans to decorate and embellish their durbar, courts, and their palaces which have become the inseparable part of the culture. Artist was respected a lot who made paintings, jewelry, pottery, wood carving, and stone carving. Main craft tradition includes hand block printing, tie and die textile, gems and stone, blue pottery.

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