Cusine of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Marwari community and Rajput community both has developed and added different cuisines to its specialty. The uniqueness of the Rajasthan cuisine has been derived from the culture of neighboring states of Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana and Sindh. Also the war like nature of Rajputs has very much influenced the cuisine of the place. Food was prepared with the kind of ingredients available. As Rajasthan has an arid climate and so there was scarcity of water, so the food prepared was in milk, Ghee making the cuisine rich.

We gives you some interesting facts of Rajasthan Cuisine.

Mughal Inspired Dishes :

Rajput’s Cuisine was also influenced by the Mughal way of eating habits. It included more elaborate curries, Pulaos and Kebabs which was eaten on silver plates to simply grilled meats on the leaves.

Frying Puries :

Puries are oil fried wheat bubbles which is very delicious. It can be served as snacks or also in main course meal.

Chapatti :

Chapatti is unleavened bread which is flat and it complements the thick gravy vegetables and acts as a spoon to transfer food to ones mouth. It smoothens and balances the hot flavor of saucy vegetables.

Khud Khargosh :

This is a special food prepared in summers. Lean rabbit or hare is skinned and is stuffed with spices which is then covered with dough and again covered with mud cloth. It is cooked in a pit. The ultimate outcome is mixed and nicely blended meat with all the spice.

Desert Cooking :

The varieties of food are very limited. The main course includes roasted balls made of dough and cooked lentils which is called as Dal-Bati. It is served with pickles made of berries available in Rajasthan.

Lassi :

Yogurt is churned and the butter is extracted out of it and the churned part is called lassi. This drink has very cooling effect to ones stomach and highly recommended on hot and humid areas like Rajasthan.

Indian Kitchen :

Rural Indian kitchen is fire place made of mud - brick. Utensil used for cooking is generally of copper, brass and clay which are cooked over charcoal or wood.

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