Costumes of Rajasthan

Rajasthan costumes are very bright colored and gaudy. The monotonous dull-colored of the sand becomes vibrant and cheery with the bright colors attire worn by the people. It makes up for the blossoming flowers which is absent in the desert areas. People here in Rajasthan love to decorate themselves not only with heavy ornaments but also everything from turbans, clothes, footwear etc.

The Rajasthani attire is made well to go with the climatic condition of the place and is very well defined. Their costume includes angarakha, pagri (turban), dhoti, pajamas, patka (waistband) and kamarbandh for men. Women costumes include Ghagra (skirt), choli (blouse), kurti (top) and odhani. We offers more information for you of the Rajasthani costume.

Men’s Costume :

Turban : It is a headgear for men in Rajasthan. The way it is tied and the color reflect the caste and also the region from where the man is from. People from Jaipur wear angular pagri while people from Udaipur wear flat pagri. Jodhpur head gear called “safa” is distinct with curved bands. Turban which you get here is of different size, shape and color. “Pagri” has length of 82 feet and width is 8 inch. “Safa”is broader and shorter.

Angarakha : It is worn in the upper part of the body. It comes in different colors and also in different cuts. Two main types are long angarakha reaching below knees and the other is frock style and is waist length.

Dhoti : Pajama or Dhoti is a costume worn to cover the lower part of the body which generally is 4m by 1m cotton cloth, need to be tied properly which comes with practice. White dhoti is the basic trend but dhoti of silk and with a zari border in it is also worn is special occasion.

Women’s Costume :

Ghagra (skirt) : Women of Rajasthan wears long ankle length skirt, narrow on waist and gets flared like an umbrella at then base. Number of pleats and its width symbolizes ones wealth. It is of many styles and colors. At the end of the skirt “sinjaf” a broad colored fabric is sewn below to make the skirt strong. There are many types of skirts available but the most famous one is printed and colored Ghagra with mohra, leheria and chunri prints.

Choli or Kurti : These are teamed up with the Ghagras and are of different vibrant colors and patterns.

Odhni : It is a special Rajasthani costume which in length is 10 feet long and its width is 5 feet. One of its ends is stuck in the skirt and the other end is taken over the right shoulder and then the head is covered with it.

Royal Dressing : The dressing of the royals of the Rajasthan has a distinct style. It reflects the royal taste of the state. These luxurious dresses were made in special departments. “Chhapakhana” and “Ranghkhana” are the sections which took care of printing and dyeing fabrics. The “Shewankhana” was the place where the tailoring was done. “Kapaddwadra” was the other department which looked into the dresses worn during festivals and occasion. “Toshakannand” looked into attire worn everyday. Mughal influenced by Rajasthan style of clothing introduced embroidered silks and brocade from Benaras, exquisite pashminas and Kashmiri shawls and replaced the local materials in the wardrobe of Rajputs.

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