Climate In Rajasthan

The Climate of Rajasthan is divided into 4 Season :

  • Summer
  • Monsoon
  • Post-Monsoon
  • Winter

Summer : In Rajasthan Summer is experienced in the months between April to June. It is the hottest season as the temperature ranges from 35 degree C to 48 degree C. Mount Abu which is the only hill station is low in temperature at this time as the temperature drops at night. This hill station is favorite among the tourists.

Monsoon : It comes right after the summer between July to September. High temperature drops to moderate temperature but there is lots of humidity. About 90% rainfall takes place at this time.

Post-Monsoon : This is between the month of October to November. This season is also preferred by the tourist as the desert is in its full bloom. The average highest temperature would be 30 degree and the lowest would be approx 18-20 degree.

Winters : Winter is the fourth season of the Year which is also considered to be the best season to take a trip to Rajasthan. This season falls between December to March. January is known to be the coolest month of the year with lowest temperature of 0 degree C in some regions of Rajasthan like Churu. We suggests you to come to Rajasthan during winter, during this period humidity range 50%-60% in the morning to 25% -35% during afternoon.

Temperature and Rainfall :

January to March

  • 50F -80F
  • 10 degree C -27 degree C
  • 4MM-7MM

April to June

  • 75F-105F
  • 24 degree C -45 degree C
  • 11MM-30MM

July to September

  • 70F- 90F
  • 21 degree C -35 degree C
  • 100MM- 165MM

October to December

  • 55 F-85 F
  • 13 degree C – 35 degree C
  • 3MM- 8MM

The above temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit and may vary from one region to other region.

Current Weather in Rajasthan


-18° C / ° F

Wind at km/h
Barometer in




-18° C / ° F

-18° C / ° F

-18° C/ ° F


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