Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan in India is a state well known for its Arts and Crafts in the around the world. It is said that people of Rajasthan were of war like in nature and that is the result of their artistic sense, creative styles which can easily be seen in their Arts and Craft. Art is said to be flourished in Rajasthan back in 1st and 2nd century BC and from then till now it’s growing with time. History says that in region like Hadoti and Baroli many sculptures, terracotta, cave paintings were excavated which gives a hint that in those days Art schools were very much there in 10th century.

History shows that Kings of Rajasthan were the main patrons of Rajasthani Arts and Crafts. Craftsmen were encouraged for the use of ivory, leather, glass, silver, brass, gold also wood in an artistic way to create something unique out of it. People in those days made use of all these materials to decorate every thing around them. Not only the King’s palaces were decorated but other common people also took deep interest in decorating everything around them, be it their mud dwelling, domestic animals like elephant, cow, donkey.

The inhabitants in that period wore beautifully carved jewelries. Not only women, but men also adorned themselves with great interest. Apart from them warriors had also ornamented shield, armor and horses and elephants which they used in wars were also decorated full with ornaments.

In Rajasthan there were numerous varieties of embroidered garment, tie and dye fabrics, Ornaments made of precious and semi-precious stone, leather mojiris, joothis which were made by women living indoor. They utilized their time in making all these items which also served as their earning.

When this region was dominated by Rajputs and were continuously in war with other neighboring countries the transforming of paintings could also been seen in their arts. Wall and hand made paper paintings were the depiction of the victories of new ruler, long procession and pictures of marching soldiers can be seen. Rajput Art was also influenced by the Mughal Art as well. Skilled craftsmen were welcome both my Mughals and Rajputs to adorn and beautify their grand Palaces.

Rajasthan promotes all these rich and classic form of Arts and Crafts. offers the list of the famous art and crafts.

Jewelry :

Bala, Rakhri, Bajuband, Gajra, Gokhru are some traditional jewelry design. Tribal women can be seen wearing heavy and well crafted jewelry. It can nearly weigh up to 5 kgs. Men mostly wear earrings and chockers.

Jaipuri Meenakari :

It is a technique for delicate coloring of jewelry. It just beautifies the ornaments which are in great demand these days.

Glass and Lac :

Bangles are made with the use of lac and inlaid glass. These types of bangles are used for wedding ceremonies.

Ivory :

Ivory is also commonly used in bangles. For Rajasthani women ivory bangles are said to be very auspicious. Paintings are carved delicately in it.

Sandal Wood :

Sandal wood is used to make furniture, show pieces, ornaments and cosmetics.

Stones :

Statues, buildings, temples are made with the use of well crafted stone. It takes lots of time and patience to carve on stones.

Leather :

In Rajasthan bags, joothis, pouches, saddles, furniture is made up of leather. The leather goes through many stages before giving the final output, the stages are like beating, tanning and then dying of the leather.

Some of the other crafts are like paper craft, painting on camel hide, carpets, cloth painting, inlay work on wood and brass, hand block printing, tie and dye fabric, embroidery, terracotta sculptures and many more is found in Rajasthan Arts and Crafts.

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