Agriculture In Rajasthan Desert

The ecological environment of Rajasthan doesn’t support too much of vegetation activities but still it boast to have some extreme flora and fauna in the sand dunes that has become an attraction for travelers from across the world.

The three most important crops grown here are wheat, corn and millets. Pulses are an essential add in the diet of the people here. Majority of the population depends on sesame and groundnut oil as a source of cooking. Though the farmers wait for the monsoon season to water their fields but recent introduction of Indira Gandhi Canal, tube wells and modern ways of irrigation has brought a tremendous change in the agriculture scenario in the desert terrain of Rajasthan. Due to these introductions the fields have become a lot more fertile and now we can see ample number of crops growing here like citrus fruits, beans, cucumber, watermelon, oranges and lemons to name just a few.

Rajasthan Desert Charms :

The Great Indian Thar Desert offers number of exciting, enriching and enthralling adventurous and peaceful activities that are worth an experience of a life time. Just like the sand in the desert is never ending so is the charm provided here.
The desert life provides lots of tourist attractions be it in forms of natural vegetation, villages, camel safari or an insight into the wildlife of the region. Thar Desert is the home to the most tropical plants like khejri (Prosopis cinerara), kair (Cappairs dedicua), phog (Calligonum polkygonides), Sevan, thorny bushes and the desert cactus. The desert also has suitable climatic conditions for the survival of number of hazardous and variant species of wildlife like lizards, gerbils, chinkaras, foxes, jackals, wild cats, nilgais and snakes. The desert is also distinct in its lifestyle and culture. Desert village is the perfect way to get a glimpse of the rural Rajasthani folk, rituals, lifestyle culture and traditions. Camel safari is by far and undoubtedly the most famous.The fun is never ending in the desert of Rajasthan. This beautiful desert circle is bestowed with the memorable journey through time and wealth of Rajasthan.

We assures best tour package to experience the perfect desert life of Rajasthan. Be it the camel safari or just relaxing under open sky amidst performances by local traditional folk artists in the desert, Thar. Every sight is breathtaking and worth a click by camera to be preserved for a memory of a life time the ideal moments of sunset and sunrise is what attracts millions of visitors to travel to this far off land every year in large numbers.

Rajasthan Desert Village :

Desert village is the perfect way to get a glimpse of the rural Rajasthani folk, rituals, lifestyle culture and traditions. The villages in desert region of Jaisalmer are inhabited by the Rajputs and Muslims community. It shows the level and degree of their adaptation with the hot and humid environment of this region which can prove to be unbearable for most of us. Every tourist on their trip to Rajasthan should definitely check out these desert villages. These are not usual villages, but are very unique in every aspect, be it in their way of surviving, climatic conditions, beautiful huts and cottages or the clothing pattern of this part is magnificent. Though the set up is in the barren and terrain area, yet you can find use of color in every corner of these villages be it the clothes and paintings carved on their homes. The village has circular huts that are made of mixture of clay and cow dung that helps to keep it cool to fight the high temperature. These huts and cottages have rare capacity of withstand temperatures up to 50 degrees and high desert winds blowing at a speed of 130 km per hour. The chief attractions are sand dunes of Thar Desert which is worth to visit.

There is a saying in the villages of Jaisalmer that "it does not matter if your son remains unmarried but your courtyard should never remain unadorned." Every hut in this villages are decked up very beautifully with exquisite carved paintings, folk designs, animal figures, geometric designs on floor locally known as ‘rangoli’ and accessories by using loads of colors giving it a pattern of a butterfly skin. The residents of these villages are abundant of talent and craftsmanship. The people here have tremendous passion for their culture and art which they try to bring out in song, dance and poetry forms. Their lifestyle in such tough conditions and yet contended with whatever they have will truly leave you amaze. The rugged and hard life of desert village is still untouched by the modernization and industrialization, but still they have a lot to offer for the tourist community in terms of uniqueness of culture which is no where else to be found.

Agri Tourism :

Agri tourism is the incorporation of tourism with agriculture. It promotes agriculture and allied activities as a tourism product and incorporates an operational farm along with a commercial tourism element.

The concept of Agri tourism was initiated and developed in Europe and North America and has since spread in many countries. In India it was initiated in 2005 at Malegaon village, near Baramati, Maharashtra by Agri Tourism Development Company (ATDC).

Agri Tourism Activities:

  • Agri-tourism is being promoted in Mega Food Park at Roopnagar in Ajmer. The park provides facilities for visiting organic farms and learn about different agriculture practices and produce. Government is planning to open up four more facilities. However they will be on public private partnership.
  • Government is also considering developing similar visits in orange fields of Jhalawar & Sri Ganganagar, where tourist can see citrus fruits plants, taste them and understand the processing of fruits.
  • Agri Tourism will also be promoted in upcoming Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet (GRAM).
  • Other activities like cow milking, cooking food on rural chulha’s made of mud, learning basic rural handicrafts also have potential of developing tourism in villages.

The development of agri tourism can not only helped farmers to hedge their risks from normal farming activities and increase revenues, but also improve their lifestyles.

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