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The districts of Pondicherry comprises of all the modern infrastructural facilities for the convenience of the local inhabitants of the area.Districts of Pondicherry,Pondicherry Districts,Pondicherry Districts India Governed by a team of experienced administrators, the districts of Pondicherry are a perfect balance between traditional culture and modern developments.

The districts of Pondicherry maintain a harmonious blend of agriculture and industries. Districts of Pondicherry,Pondicherry Districts,Pondicherry Districts India While majority of the rural inhabitants are engaged in the traditional economic activity of farming, the educated elites get absorbed in numerous service sectors of the Union Territory.

The Union Territory of Pondicherry comprises of four distinct districts of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. All the four districts bear a strong resemblance of the colonial French rule of the ancient times. Before the advent of the colonial rulers, the districts of Pondicherry were essentially part of the various dynasties of the ancient times.

Upholding the rich cultural ancestry and traditional heritage of the region, the districts of Pondicherry reflects the glorious past through its splendid architectural monuments, unique cultural traits and enriched social customs.

Almost all the districts of the Union Territory support excellent educational institutions. Districts of Pondicherry,Pondicherry Districts,Pondicherry Districts India The district of Yanam houses the famous Pondicherry Engineering College and Pondicherry University that draws several Indian and Foreign students as well.

Blessed with natural scenic beauty, the four districts are potential tourist spots of Pondicherry. The enchanting natural beauty of the districts casts a magical spell on the tourists.

The government of Pondicherry has taken several important steps in the recent years to improve the standard of living of the local inhabitants of the Union Territory. However, a more focused and determined effort on the part of the Government will further accelerate the developmental process of the various districts of Pondicherry.

Below is a list of important districts of Pondicherry:

* Puducherry
* Karaikal
* Mahe
* Yanam

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