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Pondicherry, not to let out a huge covert, is snuggled on the Eastern seaboard of India. Even now a moderately serene town as far as tourist movement goes, Pondicherry is a captivating and enthralling place. Whether one is looking for a romantic rendezvous or a fun filled trance retreat, Pondicherry can accommodate all of the gateway wishes. The Sun-kissed beaches provide a tranquil and soothing environment for all the people visiting this place. Pondicherry Population,Population in Pondicherry,Pondicherry.Pondicherry City Population There are a number of inconceivable eating joints and restaurants in the region is one the remarkable things about Pondicherry. People can enjoy various cuisines in the lap of nature. Markets are filed with various types of products to provide a great shopping experience for the visitors.

Pondicherry is the smallest union territory in terms of the land area. It is situated on the Coromandel Coast. It is about 160 kms south of Chennai. On three sides, the state of Tamil Nadu borders it. Pondicherry Population,Population in Pondicherry,Pondicherry.Pondicherry City Population On the east side of Pondicherry there lies Bay of Bengal. About 150 kilometers south of Pondicherry, on the east coast, lies Karaikal, while Mahe is located on the Malabar coast. Yanam is positioned in the adjacent East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

People / Population

The total population of Pondicherry as at 0:00 hours of 1st March 2001 stood at 973829 as per the provisional results of the Census of India 2001.Pondicherry Population,Population in Pondicherry,Pondicherry.Pondicherry City Population People of Pondicherry are very cultured and well mannered. There is a slight shadow of the French Culture in the lifestyles of people of Pondicherry.

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