Facts on Pondicherry

The union territory of Pondicherry surrounded hugging the voluminous Bay of Bengal on one side and encircled by Tamil Nadu's South Arcot on the other side is nothing short of a tropical paradise.Pondicherry facts,quick facts on pondicherry,Pondicherry informations,Facts on Pondicherry The facts on Pondicherry reveal that the puny and picturesque union territory encompasses an area of approximately 480 sq. km.

According to the indices recorded in the Census 2001, the population of Pondicherry is estimated ti be 9,73,829. The local people converse mainly in English, French, Tamil and Telegu. In fact, Pondicherry was an erstwhile French settlement and traces of its colonial past are dispersed all over the union territory.

The principal Pondicherry town and its surrounding bucolic villages cover an area of approximately 290 sq. km. Pondicherry facts,quick facts on pondicherry,Pondicherry informations,Facts on Pondicherry Another notable town, Karaikal lies along the Malabar Coast spans across an area of 161 sq. km while the miniscule Mahe and Yanam townships occupy 9 sq. km and 20 sq. km, respectively.

Pondicherry town, the official headquarters of the union territory is sited at about 162 km from the urban metropolis of Chennai.

The Pondicherry weather is marked by the archetypal searing hot and humid tropical summers. The winters are mild and driving monsoon downpours commence between the months of July and October. Pondicherry facts,quick facts on pondicherry,Pondicherry informations,Facts on Pondicherry The congenial and salubrious Pondicherry winters witness a steady influx of tourists who rejoice in the colorful festive celebrations.

Quick Facts

State: Union Territory of Pondicherry

Pondicherry is located in the Coromandel Coast, South of Madras and North of Porto Novo, 95 kilometres from Mahabalipuram.

The summer from March till July sees high temperatures. The monsoon on the west coast brings some relief in July and August with occasional showers, which may last till October. The winters are usually pleasantly cool.

Altitude: Sea level

Local languages: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and French

Phone Code: 0413

Best time to visit: Great in rains and pleasant in winter. The summers are hot.

Local Transport

Pondicherry is small enough to be explored on foot. If you're feeling adventurous, rent a bicycle or moped. With all the roads constructed at right angles from each other, it is impossible to get lost. Moreover, the town is surrounded by four boulevards that meet at corners. For those not keen on exploring by foot then cycles, private taxis, autos and buses are the other options to look at.

Tourist Office

Pondicherry Tourism Development Corporation:
40, Beach Road, Pondicherry
Tel: 0413-2339497

Department of Tourism:

Beach Road, Pondicherry
Tel: 0413-2333590, 2334575

Fact File

Area 19.54 sq. km
Population 203,065
Altitude Sea Level
Languages Tamil, French, English
Best Time to Visit October to March
STD Code 0413

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