Minicoy Beach In Lakshadweep

Minicoy Beach In Lakshadweep, a weekend getaway at Minicoy Island is simply unexplainable. It is 450 kms away from Kalpeni and is 139 kms away from Addu Island of Maldives. The scenic vista of Minicoy covers an acre of 4.22 sq. kms and is ranked as the second largest island in Lakshadweep. Visitors lure in this region lies in the bee- line coconut trees and the mirror-like inland lake, located in one corner of the island. Water-sport lovers, often visit this 10 km lengthy place and explore the marine lives, here. Their adventure activities also accompany the various attractions and cultural programmes,exclusive in Lakshadweep. Adventure in Minicoy Beach A beach holiday at Minicoy turns exciting with splashing the crystal-clear water and participating the various water-sports like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, pedal boating and sailing. Underwater diving offers the exclusive pictures of the marine fishes, emerald coral reefs and many strange species. Visitors, at times, take active participation in the Jahadhoni, the local boat-race at Minicoy.

Sightseeing in Minicoy Beach In Lakshadweep

The southernmost Minicoy beach holds the several nearby attraction. Beach lovers can hangout in the dazzling white sandy shore and enjoy the spectacular view of the refreshing sunrise and the sleepy sunset. Also a beautiful lagoon close to the beach is provided with a number of ferry services and luxury cruises. Tourist can hire any one, according to their budget and sail towards the Viringili Island. Minicoy Beach Tourism is popular for its 1000 years-old light house painted in white , with its lantern roof in red. This massive structure was built in 1800 by the British government and it is still effective in directing the path to many ships and cruises. On reaching the top of the Light house, one can enjoy the majestic overview of the Minicoy beach and its surrounding attraction. The crescent-shaped beach Minicoy beach is a also point out its nearby local attraction. The cluster of 10 villages (Athiris), situated in its vicinity, offers visitors enjoy the rural living style and the culture dominating the Lakshadweep Island. The village folks are skillful in fishing marine lives and as such many of them escorts the travelers to the fishing sites and highlights the technique of using complicated fishing nets and boats.

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