kalpeni Beach In Lakshadweep

Kalpeni Beach In Lakshadweep calculates the islets of Tilakkam, Pitti and Cheriyam and a visit here, offers the inlaid beauty of this uninhibited island.The Kalpeni Island is popular for its beach which measures about 3 km in length and 594 kms in breadth.This shallow marshy beach in Lakshadweep welcomes the visitors and offers them the way to relaxation and attainment of peace.Visitors lure lies in the reclining under the shade of tall coconut tree or make a evening walk on the edge.Enthusiast tourist, look the place as a means to achieving adventure rewards. Adventure in Kalpeni Kalpeni beach tags thevacation in the name of adventure activities. This placid part of Lakshadweep offers its visitors the thrill of kayaking and cruising on sailboats and pedal boats.Many can enjoy snorkeling and carry out the task of underwater photography of marine lives.

Sightseeing in Kalpeni

Mother Nature has blessed Kalpeni Beach In Lakshadweep to such an extend that it attracts visitors form all over the world.Other then feasting the tourist eyes with the panoramic sight of Tilakkam, Pitti and Cheriyam. The favorite pass-time, here lies in studying the age-old architectural creativity of Moinnuddeen Mosque.It is situated on the southernmost of Kalpeni. The mosque was built up and named as a tribute to the Lakshadweep Saint of the similar name.The religious shrine is beautified with the old Managlore tiles and opens only during the prayer-time.

Shopping in Kalpeni

Kalpeni Beach Tourism remains incomplete, unless the visitors load their luggage with local handcrafts and trendy items.The shopping center is just behind the Koomel Beach Resorts and visitors can find an array of wood-work items and model of house-boats made of coconut barks. Fashionistas can make a good buy of chic garments from the hosiery units, on the Eastern part of the Kalpeni island.

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