Bangaram Beach In Lakshadweep

Bangaram Beach Tourism , located in Lakshadweep muzzles the tranquil environment. This tear-drop shaped island beholds the turquoise sea and its shore, embellished with dense green coconut palm.

A beach holiday here is highly experienced by both the foreign and domestic visitors and observing its breath-taking beauty, the beach has been recently tagged, among the 10 secret beach in the world.

Adventure Activities

The vast sea under the blue umbrella at Bangaram Beach in Lakshadweep is remarkably the place to endeavor the coral-reefs and experience the under-water world. Adventure lies at arm's length with trying out the activities like scuba-diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.

Tourist who desires to explore the marine lives without any risk, enjoys the glass-bottomed boats, available on hire.

Many visitors finds comfort in having sun-bath and plunge into the warmth of crystal clear water.Also a sail on the boat offers the great view of sea-turtles, eels, sharks etc.

Sightseeing Bangaram Beach

Bangaram Beach in Lakshadweep is mostly looked for the its underwater lives and its golden sands. The place treasures the wide variety of coral formation inhabiting the Manta, Stingrays, massive sharks, Hawkbill turtles.Besides, enjoying a walk along side on the bank, visitors can create a mood to make an eco-tourism, here. Almost 127 different kinds of bird species has been encountered, till date. And a quiet walk with binocular and camera, provides the exceptional pictures of twittering peacock, flying butterflies and many other colorful birds.Visitors can also hang around the Baga Retreat House and see all what it in store for its sightseers.

Accommodation at Kavaratti beach is not a problem as there are a number of options available for the purpose. There are a lot of cottages that may be availed.

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