Art and Culture in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep islands virtually cover 36 square kilometers of land only, but these tiny islands of the archipelago have unique tribal settlements who lead a unique life. Mostly tourists visit Lakshadweep to have the fun of water sports adventure, frolic in the sandy beaches, explore the marine life, but this Union Territory of India has other tourism attractions also which is hidden from the common eye. Only few islands are inhabited and people live here are quite unique from mainland India though they have some similarity with the Kerala Muslim tribes. 95 % population belongs to Muslim religion and the festivals celebrated here are Muslim festivals. Women play a significant role in the family as some of the tribes have matriarch system.

Arts And Crafts :

Since Lakshadweep tourism got a boon, it arts and crafts made by the skilled craftsmen caught global eye. The coir items are most widely made handicrafts of the region. Craftsmen craft beautiful decorative items and jewelry using the corals, shells and oysters. While touring Lakshadweep one can pick up these items from roadside and beach stalls.

Music and Dance :

Muslim culture is reflectedh2 in both music and dance. People perform some rituals at the birth and marriage ceremonies. Tribal dances are colorful. The most famous dance forms are Kolkali, Karichakali, and Lava dance. Oppana Muslim dance which is a dance form of Kerala Muslims is also performed by tribes in the marriage celebrations.

Lakshadweep Cuisine :

Kerala cuisine has an influence on cuisine of Lakshadweep. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes have similarity with Kerala cuisine. Dishes prepared from fish and coconuts are the main ethnic cuisines. The resorts and hotels serve both international and local Indian delicacies. The Sea food is the main dish here.

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