Religion in Kerala

Kerala, God’s own Country is inhabited by people of religions--Hindu, Muslim, Judaism, Christians. Being the highest literate state of India, kerala is a secular state where people of all religions live peacefully. Unlike other states of India, Kerala Muslims are migrated earlier and the Christianity first gets its root in the Malabar region of Kerala. In the 4th century Ad and 9th century AD, Christian’s migration to Kerala has been recorded in history.

Hindu is the predominant religion of Kerala. The native rulers belong to the Hindu religion. The Nairs is one of the main Hindu castes which only have a matriarchal system. The colorful fabric of the land is made up by the Hindus. They believe in Hindu gods and goddesses and temple festival is an important part of cultural life celebrated by the Hindus.

Kerala has a minority of the Jews who mainly lives at Mattancherry town of Kochi. The Jews came to kerala in 587 BC to escape the rule of Nebuchadnezzar. The white Jews came from Spain and the brown Jews came from northern Israel.

Though Kerala Christianity has its root in the 1st century AD after the visit of St Thomas, one of the 12 apostles of Christ, yet Christians is said to be prominent in kerala in the 4th and 9th centuries CE. The Europeans traders’ conquest from the 15th century makes Christianity a more popular religion in the region. Many of the local inhabitants are converted into Christianity by the Missionaries. Today, Christian is one of the main religions in Kerala. Kerala has also Muslim population and they maintain their own religious beliefs and social customs.

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