Kerala Occupation

People of Kerala, the south India coastal state have various occupations and they earn their livelihood from these sources. The main occupations are :

Agriculture :

Majority of the population are agrarian. Rice, coffee, tea, rubber and various spices are the main cultivations of Kerala. The highlands of Kerala have plantations of tea and coffee. Rice and other vegetations are found in the lowlands. Kerala is the spice capital of India and various spices are exported to Indian states and foreign countries.

Fishing :

Fishing is a source of livelihood to majority of people; the fishing community mostly lives in the seashores and backwater villages. Lots of fresh sea fish are exported to various parts of the country. The modern transportation helped to get a good market. Fishing isn’t a source of livelihood only, now it is a part of cultural life.

Human Potential Export :

Kerala has highest NRIs in various parts of the world. Skilled workers and highly educated youngsters migrate to Gulf and western countries in search of better income. Immigration rate is increasing to other west countries of the world except Gulf countries.

The forests of Kerala have plenty of floras and faunas and it is a major source of income of the state government. Kerala teak woods have great market value. There also some industries in Kerala, the Titanium Plant near Trivandrum, Keltron Plant, a manufacture of radios and television sets are some of them. The Space Research Center of Thumba is the only one in India.

Tourism is the main source of income in Kerala now. This south India state has a booming tourism industry which gets a high asset in the total income of the state.

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