Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary In Kerala

The most famous sanctaury of Kerala, Periyar is where the large herds of elephants, over 300 species of birds and around 120 species of butterflies greet visitors. The park also has a tiger population which you can look out for during your trip.

Periyar Tiger woods Reserve below Project Tiger has a resident Veterinarian. The sanctuary under takes several Veterinarian activities both for the outdoors animals and forest grazing domestic animals.It turned out observed that animals far inside the sanctuary with out human and domestic animals interference are much more healthier compared to those living in the periphery. The reason for this phenomena could not be foundout but it really has a complex base involving environmental and condition.

Periyar Tiger Reserve lies in the Western Ghats in the Idukki District of the Indian state of Kerala. The terrain of the Reserve is undulating and the drainge is dendrite. The north-eastern boundary of the Reserve is a ridge, which also forms boundary between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for 90 km.

The Periyar Lake, with an area of 26 sq. km. , is the nucleus of the tiger Reserve. Due to the diverticular shape, it caters to a much more extensive area of forest than would be possible if it was merely a compact lake.

The main prey base of the tiger is sambar. The other prey animals of the tiger are the Indian bison and the wild boar. Cattle in the fringe area also form an important prey base.

General Information :
Best Time to Visit : October to April.
Nearest Town : Kumily (4 km)

How to Get Here :
Air : Cochin (200 km)
Rail : Kottayam (114 km)

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