Kerala Travel Tip

One has to gather basic information before planning a Kerala tour.

Visa :

You known well you have to carry a valid visa to visit Kerala. For clarification please contact the Indian High Commission/Embassy located at your country. Please visit the for registration and extension details of visa.

Traveler’s Cheque & Credit Cards :

While you visit Kerala please carry traveler’s cheque and credit cards instead of high amount of cash. You can exchange your money at the money exchange center. The transaction time of the banks is 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 12 pm on Saturday.

The main hotels, restaurants and shopping centers accept major credit cards. So you can pay by your credit card.

Seasons in Kerala :

Kerala has two monsoon periods. One is from June to September and the other is from October-November. So, one should avoid the monsoon periods. The best time to visit Kerala is in between December to May.

Travel Kit :

Do pack up your cotton outfits, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc for your Kerala travel. You should pack up firs aids and some drugs to prevent any health hazard.

If one is found in possession of narcotic drugs, he has to face heavy penalty.

Ayurveda :

Kerala is the hub of ayurveda tourism; various ayurveda centers are located in the state. We suggest you to take any treatment or therapy in a ayurveda centre which is approved by the Department of Tourism.

Food :

If you are a diehard foodie, don’t worry. Kerala has restaurants which serve multi-cuisine delicacies; you might get your own cuisine here. You will get here cuisine of several types like Continental, Chinese, Indian and typical Kerala fare. Kerala cuisine is delicious; please try some dishes and desserts.

Water :

To avoid any stomach problem, be conscious about drinking water. You can drink tap water, please don’ drink water from slow moving streams, lakes or dams. You can also drink bottled water which is available.

Emergency numbers :

Police control room: 100
Fire station: 101
Ambulance: 101

Temple Codes :
Non-Hindus cannot enter into some temples of Kerala, so be confirm from the temple authority or tour representative before entering. You have to maintain dress codes to enter some of them. Please remove your footwear when you step inside the temple.

Nudity & Demonstrativeness :

Try to be decent while frolicking in the Kerala beaches. Kerala people are religious and traditional, so nudity is not allowed.

Please keep in mind that hugs or kiss in a public place is not accepted.

If you smoke in a public place, you are liable to face penalty.

Wildlife Sanctuaries :
If you want to visit a wildfire sanctuary in Kerala, you have to take prior permission from the concerned authority of the sanctuary. For any further query contact--

The Chief Conservator of Forests,
Ph: ++ 91-471-2322217

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