Kerala Houseboats

The southwestern Indian state of Kerala is well known for the extensive emerald backwaters that it possesses. Due to these extensive backwaters that adorn the state of Kerala, it has often been called as “Venice of the East”. These wonders of nature that make their winding way inward from the vast deserts of water add charm and charisma to the place that can hardly be made up any other state of the country. The beauty however lies not only on watching these backwaters but cruising along the emerald backwaters on houseboats (Kettuvallam) too.

The Kettuvallam in Kerala are many in number and you can rent out anyone of them depending upon your budgets. Keeping in mind the different kinds of travelers and tourists that visit the place for its beauty the Kettuvallam packages are classified into economy, standard and luxury packages so that every kind of traveler may enjoy it.

The Kerala houseboats are known as Kettuvallam and are characterized by the traditional thatched roofs over wood built hulls. The name Kettuvallam is a Malayalam word and its direct translation is “tied boats”. The boats are made by the local carpenters and they still use the age old technique of boat building that has been passed down generation after generation. The boat is built using the “Anjili” wood that is tied together with the help of coir. These traditional boats which in the olden days were used to ferry spices, rice, men and other goods at present is used tour the travelers and tourists.

To enjoy the beauty of the backwaters there is nothing better than to book yourself a Kettuvallam. The winding backwaters that run along banks arrayed with coconut trees, fertile deltas, tropical vegetated forests etc make it an awesome experience. The Kettuvallam are not just limited to cruise’s, one can even spend the night aboard the Kettuvallam. The house boats are well built with all the basic necessities of a furnished home. One can dine in the Kettuvallam itself too. A meal on a Kettuvallam floating along the emerald waters under a canopy of thickly vegetated trees from which well camouflaged birds sing melodic songs, the sun rays peering in through the leaves, a tranquil atmosphere and silence being shattered only by the oars of the boatman is simply priceless.

The Kettuvallam offer you many places to visit and some of the ones that you should not miss out on are Alappuhza, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Cochin, Kovalam etc. These mentioned places have the best backwaters which exhibit beauty so immense that words aren’t enough to describe it.

A visit to the southwestern state of India that is lovingly called as “Gods Own Country” due to the immense bounty of natural beauty will be deemed incomplete if you do not go on a Kettuvallam or stay in one for a night. Such pleasures of life are not found in all parts of the world and certainly not experienced by many, so when an opportunity presents itself to you, it should be taken. Its these small pleasures of life that provide you a sense of blissfulness and sense of satisfaction.

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