Kerala Food Guide

Keralite love foods and they are expert in preparing a wide variety of delicious foods. Kerala cuisine has a unique flavor and quite different from other Indian foods. A majority of Hindus of Kerala are vegetarians and the Muslims and Christians are non-vegetarians. Sea-farers from the Greece, Rome, and eastern Mediterranean countries visited Kerala since from an old period of history, hence kerala cuisine has been influenced by this visits.

Popular Kerala Cuisine :

The most delicious Kerala breakfast dishes are idli, sambar, appam, dosai, pathiri, palappam, and coconut chutney. The vegetarian dishes are Avial (with coconut milk), Beetroot Olathu, Cabbage "Peera", Carrot Chutney, Carrot Pachadi, Cucumber Kichadi, Garlic Rasam, Koottu Thoran, Moru Kulambu, Mango Pachadi, Olan, Parippu curry, Plantain Idimas, Theeyal, Vegetable Kootu, etc. Biryanis, pilafs, pulaos are dishes prepared from meats, spices, steamed cooked rice and onions. The Malabar biryani is said to be believed that the Arab seafarers brought this dish.

Sadya is a unique Kerala feast prepared from rice and more than 14 vegetables dishes. It is served on a leaf of banana. A sweet dessert is also served with sadya. There are also some dishes served at the rituals.

The Muslims and Christians like non-vegetarian cuisine; the most popular dishes are `pathiri' and kozhi curry (chicken), biryani and fish dishes. Sea-food - prawn curry is a most delicious dish of Kerala served at many restaurants of Kerala.

Kerala is known as the spice capital of India. Spices are mixed to prepare the Kerala foods. Coconut is mixed in most of the dishes, and desserts. Some of the chips are papadam, banana, and jackfruit chips.

Tea, coffees are beverages preferred by the Kerala people. Traditional drinks are prepared from the Cumin seeds, ginger or coriander seeds.

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