Kerala Climate & Temperature Information Guide

Kerala is close to the Equator, yet the climate is pleasant throughout the year. Kerala is embraced by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats prevent the dry winds blowing from the north. Kerala receives ample rain throughout the year; the average annual rainfall is 3000mm. The maximum temperature in the lowland is about 28° to 32° C (82° to 90° F) and in the highlands is 20° C (68° F).

The mountainous region of Kerala gets a pleasant climate throughout the year and so Kerala hill stations can be visited any period of the year. Due to geographical diversion, the climate is also various in Kerala and the four seasons of Kerala are discussed in detail here.

Winter Season in Kerala :

The winter season begins at the end of northeast monsoon; it falls in the months of November to February. In the highlands of kerala the temperature falls down to 10°C. Winter season is considered as the best time to visit Kerala as climate is cool and pleasant. This season gets lowest rainfall. Winter is not chilly in Kerala. This period is considered as the best time to visit Kerala.

Winter Temperature & Rainfall :

Average temperature:  Maximum: 28°C, Minimum: 18°C
Average rainfall: 25 mm

Summer Season in Kerala :

The end of February heralds the summer season in Kerala and the season continues till the beginning of June. The main features of the summer season are relatively high temperature, low rainfall, and humid weather. In some of the Indian states summer temperature soars to 40°C, but in Kerala summer is not too much harsh. The Western Ghats thwarts the dry northern winds and the cool breeze of the Arabian Sea is a solace to the summer heats. In summer season Kerala gets erratic rains.

Summer Temperature & Rainfall :

Average Temperature: Maximum: 36°C, Minimum: 32°C
Average Rainfall: 135 mm

South West Monsoons in Kerala :

The main rainy season is the Southwest monsoon which begins in the onset of southwest monsoon winds in the month of June. Torrential rains are received by Kerala. The monsoon wind first hit Kerala and so Kerala gets heavy rainfall in this season. Highest rainfall is received by the slopes of the Western Ghats and the eastern parts of kerala do not receive much rain as the monsoon wind is prevented by the Western Ghats. Most of the rivers of Kerala are monsoon fed. The southwest monsoon season continues till the month of September.

Temperature & Rainfall :

Average Temperature: Maximum: 30°C, Minimum: 19°C
Average Rainfall: 2250 - 2500 mm

North East Monsoons in Kerala :

It is said that while in kerala don’t forget to carry an umbrella, as a sudden rain may hit you. Like Tamil Nadu Kerala gets rain from the north-east monsoon also blows from the northern landmass of Indian subcontinent picking up moisture from the Bay of Bengal. It starts in the month of October and ends in November. It sometimes continues till December. Mostly rain comes in the afternoon accompanied by thunder and lightening. The days in this season are humid and warm. The Kanjirappalli-Peerumedu range and Kuttiyadi get ample rains from this monsoon wind.

Temperature & Rainfall :

Average Temperature: Maximum: 35°C, Minimum: 29°C
Average Rainfall: 450 - 500 mm

Current Weather in Kerala


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