Kappil Beach In Kerala

Kappil Beach in Kerala is a stunning beach , God's own country.Kerala Kappil Beach is blessed with natural beauty and a lovely beach.

Kerala Kappil Beach is very clean, moderately shallow and attracts many tourists as it provides them with opportunities of swimming and sunbathing.If you are lucky you can also get a glimpse of the Dolphins here.

A Kappil Beach Travel is an exquisite idea as this place is considered to be one of the most charming places in the whole subcontinent.

Kappil Beach is a charming place in Kerala. This amiable spot is considered as one of the leading tourists destinations in Kerala.

Kappil Beach Travel is a beautiful place where life goes on as it did hundreds of years ago, unperturbed by the worldly din.

Kappil Beach is a lovely place where people come for picnics or visit the place as a favorite weekend Getaway where you can bathe in the cascading waves and get the pleasure of solitary saunters along the beach.

Kappil Beach in Kerala stretches along for more than 25 acres of land. Kappil Beach is an ideal location for relaxing and rejuvenating your spirits, as you will have plenty of peace and solitude for yourself in this place.

The luxurious resort, inspired by local fishing villages, aims to capture the heart and soul of the beach. It's set on a sprawling property filled with coconut groves and lotus ponds, and amongst other things offers Ayurveda treatments and yoga classes on the beach.

Aqua-Tourism is one of the most significant characteristics of Kerala and Ezhimala Beach is a distinctive spot to substantiate on this pivotal feature.


The best way to reach Kappil is from the nearest town of Kasaragod.

Otherwise, you can conveniently combine Kappil beach holidays with a visit to Bekal.

There are several tourist accommodation places at Kasaragod town.

Similarly, there are diverse stay options at Bekal, as well


Location : North Kerala

District : Kasaragod

Nearest towns : Kasaragod at 15 Kms

Bus Station : Kasaragod Bus Station at 15 Kms

Taxi/ Auto-rikshaw Hire : Kasaragod Town at 15 Kms

Railway Station : Kasaragod Railway Station at 15 Kms

Air port : Mangalore at 50 Kms

Food Options : Not much of food options near the beach. Several restaurants in Kasaragod town.

Accommodation Options : At Kasaragod town and near Bekal beach/fort

Best time to visit : September till May. Can be visited throughout the year, heavy monsoon rain (Jun-Aug) can spoil fun though.

Nearby Attractions : Bekal beach and fort,Ananthapuram Temple, Kottencheri Hills, Kanwatheertha Beach Resort,Nileswar, Valiyaparamba backwaters, Thejaswini River Rafting and Ranipuram.

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