Dharmadam Beach In Kerala

Dharmadam Island is an exotic tourist spot in Kerala. It is a tiny island lying in Arabian Sea.

Dharmadam Island Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in "God's Own Country", Kerala.

Dharmadam Island is situated 15 kms away from Mahe. Dharmadam Island covers an area of 5 acres.

Dharmadam Island lies at a distance of 100 meters from the main land at Dharmadam.

This island is regarded as private land and presents a beautiful sight to the tourists.

If you like to visit the Dharmadam Island, special permission is required from its owners.

The lovely Dharmadam Beach lies at a distance of 17 Km from Kannur.

Dharmadam Island is 8 km away from the town of Thalassery.

Dharmadam Island is also known as Green Island.

This 2 hectare long private island in the Kannur District of Kerala is a real pleasure to visit.

Enclosed by coconut palms and dense bushes, Dharmadam Island is a viewer's delight.

During a low tide, an adventurous traveler can even walk to the island from the beach as the surrounding water becomes very shallow.

Dharmadam Island was earlier known as Dharmapattanam, as it owes much to its Buddhist stronghold.

Dharmadam Island is an ideal location for relaxation and rejuvenating your spirits, as you can secure plenty of peace and solitude for yourself in this place.

Dharmadam Island is located near Kannur in Kerala which is isolated from the main island.

Take a Tour to Dharmadam Island and enjoy the beauty of this green unexplored paradise of Kerala.

One of the most fascinating beaches in Kerala, Dharmadam Island is nestled amidst lush green coconut trees and sandy beaches. The Dharmadam Island is an ideal picnic spot.

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