Beypore Beach In Kerala

Beypore Beach flickr/ Kamaljith

The Beypore Beach in Calicut is a beautiful expanse of vast land and turquoise blue sea.

Nature will embrace you in its arms on the calm shore shores of this beach. The endless Arabian Sea laps at your feet as you stand on the soft sands watching the sunset.

The Kozhikode Beypore Beach is a commercial center for ship building and has existed here for more than 1000 years. This boatyard is famous for making a distinctive ship vessel known as 'Uru'.

The Beypore Beach in Kerala is a must visit if you want to enjoy the calm and tranquil environment as well as take a look at how the ancient business of ship business is thriving even today.

If you seek adventure and want to do something to set the adrenalin rushing, set out in the sea with local fishermen and see how they struggle to make a living.

Though simple, they are content and happy with their way of life. A unique thing in this beach is the 2-kilometer long stretch of land that reaches out in the sea.

The path is made up of huge stones and rocks and opens out in the Sea. One can always take a walk on this path and feel rejuvenated like never before.

The old world charm of this ancient ship building centre near Calicut in north Kerala is enchanting. Here, the time stands still as the specialist craftsmen design and shape "Uru"s (traditional vessels).

During the heydays of Beypore, the fame of Urus had spread far and wide and Arabs made a bee line to this coastal town.

Khalasis, who are the traditional shipbuilders here, are amazing with their ship building knowledge and craft. The client, often an Arab, gives the specifications and his needs.

No design is drawn, and the plan of the Uru is conceptualized wholly in the mind of the master craftsmen. And log by log, each component comes together like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the final product is truly breathtaking.

And to think that nothing was planned on paper, but the whole designing and intricate measurements and calculations were done entirely in the mind is truly

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