Bekal Beach In Kerala

Bekal Beachflickr/ Joseph

The Bekal Beach is located near Bekal Fort. This fort is one of the best-maintained historic forts in Kerala.

Situated on a headland that extends for 35 acres and reaches into the Arabian Sea, the Bekal Fort occupies a commanding position on a promontory.

The Bekal Beach extends on either side, with stretches of clear sand flanked by rows of elegant palm trees.

The view from the Bekal Fort of the green palms, the white sand, the blue sea and the rolling waves is truly breathtaking.

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The hill slopes extend down from the Bekal Fort to the Bekal Beach. Covered with shrubs, the hill slopes invite intrepid explorers to climb up from Bekal Beach to the rocky promontory above.

The ramparts of Bekal Fort have canon pointing out to the sea and bring to mind visions of trading ships coming in to land on Bekal Beach under the protective cover of the guns, which guarded them from pirates and rival merchant ships.

A nearby mosque built by Tipu Sultan adds to the historic attractions of Bekal Beach in Kerala, India.

The nearest airport to Bekal Beach is Mangalore in Karnataka, India, which is 50 Km away.

Kasargod is connected by rail and road to the rest of Kerala. There are many lodges and guesthouses near Bekal Beach where you can stay while visiting Bekal Beach on a Beach tour of Kerala.

The best time of year to visit Bekal Beach is from August to March. Apart from beachwear, do remember to bring sunscreen lotion and a wide-brimmed hat.

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