Malpe Beach In Karnataka

6 km from Udupi, this beautiful stretch of soft sands Malpe Beach,It is just as popular in Udupi as the Juhu Beach is in Mumbai.

The calm and serene surroundings of the place Malpe Beach.It is fit for splashing around in blue waters of the Udyavara River.

It also known as the Malpe River, and swim as much as you want Malpe Beach in Udupi.

One can see fishermen carrying nets full of fishes out of the sea Malpe Beach in Udupi And sailing in the distant waters in their fishing boats Malpe Beach in Udupi

In the hopes of catching more and more fish.Malpe is an important port city of Karnataka And is famous for fisheries. Malpe river is used for navigation for small cargo boats

For about 10 km during high tides.Well-endowed with the blessings of natural beauty And natural port, it has been a centre of commercial activities for a long time Malpe Beach in Karnataka.

The sea has carved a place between the rocky islands And the shores as a safe anchorage for ships Malpe Beach in Karnataka

And vessels during rough and stormy weather conditions.The most important livelihood of the people here depends on its fishing industry and fish curing industry Malpe Beach in Karnataka.

Virgin beach, golden sands, dancing green palm trees, clear blue skies and playful calls of the sea waves make it an idyllic picnic spot.

The place has a niche for creating the perfect holiday mood and experience and offers picturesque views of the sea.

Indulge in beach activities such as bathing in the sea, riding the sea waves, boating.

Fishing and angling, a lazy stroll on the beautiful beach or just sunbathing Malpe Beach in Karnataka.

You may al so opt to visit the nearby excursion point of St. Mary's Island, where you can reach via boat cruise.

The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees.Clear blue sky and the gentle murmur of the sea set the perfect mood for an idyllic holiday.

Across the bay is the island of Darya Bahadurgarh. Be sure to visit the Balarama Temple and Malpeā€™s oldest tile factory, set up by the Basel Mission.

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