Kurumgad Beach In Karnataka

Kurumgad Beach is located at a short distance from Karwar beach means Kurumgad beaches .

A tourist`s journey into this beach will be an adventurous one.

From the Sadhashivgad jetty of River Kali. Karwar boats are available to arrive at Kurumgad beach, Karnataka Kurumgad beaches .

What captivates the minds of the tourists is the unspoilt beauty of the beach.

The beaches on this virgin island are blessed with golden granules of sand, turquoise water and rows of palm trees Tour to kurumgad beaches.

For nature enthusiasts this beach is a perfect one. The scenic beauty of this place is indescribable Tour to kurumgad beaches.

It is sheer treat to watch the sun rise and dip into the horizon Tour to kurumgad beaches.

Water sports are a great way spending time at Kurumgad beach.

Beach volleyball, swimming, boat rides, snorkeling, Tidal Pool, fishing and treasure hunts are quite popular on these Tour to kurumgad beaches

Besides these the rugged landscape make a fabulous backdrop Kurumgad beach to karnataka.

These places can stun the travelers with their unexpected charm Kurumgad beach to karnataka.

This tortoise shaped island is famous for the Narasimha Temple that is located on the top of a hill.

Swarm of devotees throng this island on Pushya Purnima (January) for an annual jatra Kurumgad beach to karnataka.

Kurumgad beach is located in the Uttar Kannada district and can be reached via Goa, Bangalore, and Panaji Kurumgad beach to karnataka.

Chief attraction

The chief point of attraction is the famousNarasimha temple a common place of visit for devotees.

Generally during the Jatra festival that is celebrated each and every year on the Pushya Purnima night.

How to reach


The beach is well connected by road and is around 524kms from Bangalore.


The place is easily accessible by airport.


The nearest railway station for Kurumgad beach in Karnataka is Karwar.

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