Pin Valley National Park in Himachal Pradesh

Abode of various endangered species Pin Vally National Park is put in the tough terrain of Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful park is the only national park nestled in the cold desert area of Spiti region and was established around 1987. The core zone of the park addressing an area of 675 sq km and 1150 as buffer zone. In the outside of the park there are regarding 17 villages situated with a total population of about 1600 villagers. Together with these there are 17 Dogharies with some cultivation inside the park. These Dogharies are used as summer residences by the local shop who are consists of planned tribes of Buddhist local community

Flowers & Wildlife in Pin Valley National Park Himachal Pradesh

Due for the excessive cold weather the 675 sq km of the park has very less vegetation. The main forest types are dry alpine and dwarf wash. There are myricaria shrub that are eaten by Snow Leopards during extreme winter months. The floral varieties that are found here include bhojpatra (Betula utilis), bhutal , Populus Spp, Salix Spp as well as Wild rose (Rosa webbiana), with its gorgeous pink blossoms and bright red fruit, provide a striking contrast to the or else dry surrounds. Pin Valley National Park India is the home to Snow Leopard, Woolly Hare, Ibex, Bharal, Red Sibel, Marten, Weasel, Pika, and Himalayan marmot etc. The birds that can be spotted here are Himalayan Snowcock, Chukor, Compacted snow Partridge, Beareded Vulture, Chukor, Golden Eagle, Griffon and the Tibet Snow Finch etc.

Major destinations of the Pin Valley Park

Wildlife lovers visit national park to spot wildlife. Here apart from spotting the snow leopard the other attractions are Walking and camping. The pin valley involves some moderate and intense treks which are at high altitudes well over 3600 mts. Trekkers from different areas of the globe comes here to enjoy trekking in the rugged terrains of the park. Another thrilling exercise which tourists should opt for is the camping. It is the best approach to utilize the leisure night in the park. Must do activity in pin valley is browsing the more than 500 oldyears Gompas. There are several Gompas just a few km aside from the park like – Kungri monastery, Dhankar Gompa, Tabo Gompa etc which offer the ultimate pleasure to the journey.

Ideal Time to Visit Pin Valley National Park India

The perfect time to go to the park is from May to October. Weather conditions in this region is usually cold and dry as the park falls in a large altitude cold desert. It receives heavy snowfall in winter and average rainfall in summer.

How to Find there

Air : Pin Valley National Park India can also be reached by air. The closest airport to this park is atBhuntar in Kullu district. Regular flights from Delhi operates to Bhuntar.

Train : The nearest railhead to Pin Valley National Park India is at Shimla, which is located at a distance of 443km ( 275.26 miles).
Road : To reach Pin Valley National Park India, there are two friendly routes. The first one is via Manali – Rohtang Pass – Kunzum La, which remain open from July to October. The second one is via Shimla – Tapri – Kaza. It remain open from March to December. One can reach the Park only on foot from the nearest road terminus at Mikkim.

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