Goa Climate & Temperature Information Guide

Lying some 1200km (745 miles) south of the Tropic of Cancer, Goa has a tropical climate characterized by balmy weather for much of the year.

Goa is lashed with heavy rains and strong winds during monsoons between June and September.

Summers, from March to May, are hot and very humid, unlike fall and winter.

Winters, from November to March, are mild and pleasant.

Goa during Winter - Best season

The best time to visit Goa is during winter season, from November to March. This is decidedly the peak tourist season of the state.

I love this season and most of my visit to Goa is during this season.

The weather, at this time is at its mild, pleasantest best, to enjoy yourself on beaches.

Goa Carnival festival is celebrated in the month of February. Christmas and New Year is also celebrated with full of colors and excitement in Goa.

You will find Night Parties everywhere on beaches and hotels during this period.

So, plan early and block dates in advance - but be ready to expect crowds and to shell out premium amounts for accommodation, round trips, nights out, and other events.

Goa in Summer

Spend sweltering, sultry days if you land up in summer at this lazy-daisy destination - a good time though for a budget holiday. The heat will probably keep you off the beaches and you may find yourself engaged in peaceful siestas in the afternoons, but expect heavy off-season discounts as far as accommodation and sightseeing, dinner and drinks are concerned.

Besides beaches, options like a visit to wildlife sanctuaries and spice plantations could offer slight respite from the heat. Evenings are pleasant.

Goa in Monsoon

The monotony of the warm, moderately warm and humid phases throughout the year is broken by the onset of the monsoons in June.

The monsoon, which begins in June, comes as a relief for local people after the hot, dry months of early summer, bringing welcome rain and lower temperatures. Goa can be at its most beautiful at this time of year, with the vivid green of newly sprouting rice in place of the bare red earth and parched vegetation of the dry season.

Most tourists in India and abroad are yet to wake up to the charms of a wet Goa. Discover a unique Goa with overflowing rivers, trees dancing to the tune of the winds, hills and vast expanses of fields covered with lush verdant vegetation. The rivers criss-crossing Goa swell with rainwater and flow with gusto in blue-green billows.

The Arabian Sea, all along the Goan coastline, looks wild and choppy, and swimming is out, with rainstorms ravaging the beaches. It's just about the best time for a quiet rural holiday in the interiors.

Explore ecotourism, spice plantations and other lesser-known remote options to make the most of this time.

Cloudy skies and heavy rain, however, are a powerful deterrent to most visitors. Rainfall is at its heaviest in July when Goa receives up to 90cm (36in) of rain in a single month.

Traveling within India generally becomes more difficult during the rainy season and Goa is no exception. Road, rail and air travel schedules are prone to disruption. Strong winds and high seas also put most beaches off limits at this time of year.

Quick view on Goa Weather

Goa weather in November, December, January, February & March:

Cooler months, best time to visit Goa. Rates will be very high during these months. Weather, Festivals & Night parties will make your holidays very enjoyable.

Goa weather in Mid-March, April, May, June:

Summer season - very hot. Heat will keep you away from beaches. Good for budget holidays.

Goa weather in June, July, August, September:

Rainy season - Goa can be at its most beautiful at this time of year. Parties and celebrations are held to welcome the rain.

Current Weather in Goa


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-18° C / ° F

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