Polem Beach In Goa

If you are in Goa and if you don’t have a vehicle of your own then you will be missing out on some of the best kept secrets of Goa.

Places like Polem Beach which can only be discovered accidentally or only a search for it will get you there because this isn’t your conventional and customary commercial haven Polem Beach.

Situated on the southern tip of Goa, is Polem beach, one of the most secluded stretches of beach amongst all the beaches of Goa, also one with a great view and setting amongst them all Polem Beach.

If you just want to chill , then all you have to do is head to the nearest beach, find yourself a beach chair or a hammock Polem Beach Of Goa.

And enjoy some of the most sumptuous and exotic seafood that one could ever have Polem Beach Of Goa. Polem is truly very close to nature and nature is in all of Polem.

Polem Beach Goa India is in Polem that you will find that toddy is still tapped by the locals in the traditional way, by climbing the palm with only a rope tied at the ankles of both the feet Polem Beach Goa India .

The making of coconut jigger a local sweet can be known by the fragrance that carries for long distances Polem Beach Goa India .

The chicken xacuti, is as mouth watering as the fish that comes straight from the sea, all seasoned with a locally grown chilly and coconut.

Polem being a coastal town, and like other Goan locales took some inspiration from the form and architecture during the previous eras when Portuguese influence paved the way Polem Beach Goa India .

Best time to visit:

Goa’s great is summers and winters but if beaches are not your only poison, its superlative in the monsoons.

Conventionally popular visiting months are from October to March.

Getting there / Route Information

By Bus: Head for the Margao bus terminal. Board a bus headed for Canacona. It’s a good 30 km approx. The frequency of buses is decent until this point. Once at Canacona, you’d need to hop on to the first bus for Polem. Cause they aren’t too frequent. It’s a further 30 odd km to Polem. The beach is a short walk away.

By Train:Head for the Canacona railway station. A few local trains traipse up that way. From the Canacona railway station take a pilot or an auto to the main bus terminus from where you could take a bus further to Polem.

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