Miramar Beach In Goa

Often regarded as the Marine Drive of Goa, the Miramar Beach is close to the heart of Panaji. Located at the place where Mandovi merges into the sea, it is considered the city's leisure zone.

It is particularly crowded in evenings and on Sundays. During mid-May, many women visit this beach to take what is called the sea cure by bathing in its salty waters. It is believed that during high tide, if you can brave the crashing waves on your back, you will be cured of arthritis and joint pains.

The beach is just 3 km from Panaji in the north of the state and a km away from Dona Paula.

It lies adjoining the estuary of the river Mandovi as it opens into the Arabian sea Miramar beach in goa.

Miramar Beach also known as Gaspar Dias is a lovely golden beach of soft sand griddled with palm trees facing the blue Arabian Sea.

Where River Mandovi meets the Arabian Sea and a thick grove of shady palms form a dense canopy over the area Miramar Beach Vacations.

The word 'Miramar' in Portuguese stands for viewing the sea.

On account of its good location, the Miramar Beach of Goa is ideal for evening walks.

The tourists can spend a nice time in the Palm shaded area that is quite captivating for the tourists visiting the beach.

Miramar Beach The 2 km long coast boasts of fine, soft silvery sand bed that sparkle in the moonlight Miramar Beach Vacations.

From here one can have a panoramic view of the Aguada fort just across the Mandovi River Miramar Beach Vacations.

It also offers a captivating view of the well-preserved Portuguese fort across the river, known as Aguada Fort.

Not much crowded, it offers peaceful surroundings and the much-desired solitude for those

Who want few moments of life away from the crazy crowd of the city.

At least three-fourths (500 plus species) of migratory birds incorporate the coastline or the coastal plain into their migration routes.

The migratory birds, like Plovers and Gulls return to Miramar beach

Wach winter, as it gives them a brief respite from the harsh winter back home.

Here they find food in plenty in the form of aquatic invertebrates, seeds and insects

How to get there

Just 3km southwest of Panaji, Miramar is the nearest beach to the city. Its pivotal location makes it easily accessible.


The climate is equable and moist throughout the year.While it is pleasant and temperate from October to May it is rainy from June to September Miramar beach in goa. Temperature variations throughout the year are mild. May is the warmest month with a temperature of around 30°C And January is coolest with a mean daily temperature of 25°C. Due to its proximity of the sea, the territory is generally humid Miramar beach in goa. And even during the summer months humidity is generally above 60 percent.

What to experience

It is a quiet beach, just right for morning and evening walks. The sunset looks very beautiful from the beach. You can spend a quiet evening on the beach and revel in its beauty. In Dona Paula, the Cabo Chapel, built in 1541, is open for midnight mass on Christmas Eve. During the season, Raj Bhavan is decorated with brilliant lights.

Adventure sports

Scuba driving facilities area available along the Miramar-Dona Paula stretch and some of the hotels nearby could also arrange it for you.

Safety information

Entering the waters near Mandovi should be avoided. Otherwise, it's a safe place for swimming and the presence of a lifeguard cuts down the risk factor.

Eating out

There are a number of places where you can get good food in Miramar. Most eating joints have various sea delicacies in their menu.

Around Miramar

Bambolim and Siridao Beach

These beaches are 5km away from Miramar beach. Bambolim is a relatively small beach frequented more by locals than tourists. Siridao Beach is known for its fabulous sunsets that light up the whole of Mormugao Harbour. To reach these beaches, you can take a bus that runs from Panaji and Vasco via Bambolim. The nearest interstate bus station, KTC Bus Stations, is at Panaji.


For accommodation, there are a few resorts and hotels, located just beside the beach, offering a beautiful view of the sea.

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