Majorda Beach In Goa

Majorda Beach, unlike other famous beaches, is not crowded. The fact that the village has few places to accommodate visitors helps to keep the beach quiet and serene.

Majorda Beach is situated in the southern part of Bogmola.

It is one of the marvelous beaches in Goa that is located about 18 kilometers from Dabolim Airport.Marjorda Beach in Goa is connected to Margao with an excellent network of roadways, including buses, auto rickshaws and taxis.Majorda Beach Goa India is one of the most popular beaches of Goa.

Majorda Beach of Goa has a strong bearing upon the Indian mythology. Legends believed that Lord Rama Majorda Beach Goa India

It was kidnapped and brought to the Majorda beach in his childhood.

It is also said that Lord Rama came to the beach in search of his wife, Sita.

He is said to have come to Cabo-de-Rama, which lies in he southern part of the Majorda Beach Goa India.Furthermore, the beach is connected with the different locations in India with an excellent network of transport system.The Dabolim airport conncets Majorda Beach Goa India with the rest of the world.

Tourists can also reach Majorda beach through Margao Railway Station and take a local conveyance thereafter.Do make it a point to visit this beach in case you are going to Goa for attemding Goa Christmas Carnival this winter.

The soft sands and aquamarine waters of the Majorda Beach lure tourists from various parts of India as well as abroad.It lies at a distance of approximately 5 km from the Colva Beach and claims as much popularity as the latter.

Here, the green of the swinging palm trees contrasts beautifully with the blue of the gushing water Majorda Beach Of Goa.

Majorda Beach is counted amongst the most magnificent beaches of Goa and never fails to receive it share of visitors, locals as well as tourists, in any year Majorda Beach Of Goa.

The beach is also significant from mythological point of view. It is believed that Lord Rama was kidnapped when he was a child and brought to Majorda only.

The legend further goes that when the Lord was searching for His wife Sita, who was kidnapped by the evil Ravana.

He came to Cabo-de-Rama, located at the southern end of the Majorda Beach Of Goa.The beautiful amalgamation of nature and mythology further adds to the attraction of the Majorda Beach Of Goa

Connectivity-wise also, there is no problem as Majorda Beach is situated in the vicinity of the Dabolim airport.Even Margao Railway Station and the main bus stand are situated nearby. Majorda Beach is a storehouse of fun.

If you are an early riser, make sure to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise, from the Majorda Beach Of Goa.In the daytime, make sand castles, collect shells, go for swimming or get yourself tanned Majorda Beach Of Goa.

The seafood available here is quite varied and the taste is just awesome.The Majorda Beach Resort sprawled across the beach will provide you with the best accommodation too. What are you waiting for? Just go and have fun!

How to get there

The beach is to the south of Cansaulim and north of Betalbatim. You can take a taxi from Dabolim Airport which is just 26km away. From Margao, you have lots to choose from - buses, taxis and autos. From Panaji, it is just 37km and you can take a taxi to reach here.


Though accommodation is limited by the beachside, you can hire rooms let out by villagers. There is no dearth of accommodation for those with no money constraints.

What to experience

Make de Deus Church, found in 1588, was destroyed during the Maratha invasion in April 1738. It was rebuilt in 1739. Casa dos Piedade Costas, built in the fine example of period architecture.

Adventure sports

There are not too many options for adventure sport enthusiasts.

Safety information

It is safe for swimming but there are no lifeguards.

Eating out

There are plenty of restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines.

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