Dona Paula Beach In Goa

Legend has it that this beach was named after Dona Paula de Menzes who threw herself off the cliff because her love for a poor fisherman could not be realized. The story has been debated and contested. However, the beach gives a great view of Mormugao Harbour and the Arabian Sea. Its beauty has made it a perfect location for Indian filmmakers.

How to get there

As Dona Paula is just 7km from Panaji, there are many buses from Panaji to the beach. From Dabolim 32km, one can hire a taxi.

What to experience

You can go for fishing at the Dona Paula jetty or just look at the splendid view of Mormugao Harbour and the Arabian Sea. The sculpture made by Baroness von Leistner is worth seeing - it shows a couple staring in opposite directions: the man towards the past, and the woman towards the future.

Adventure Sports

You can go for scuba diving at the Dona Paula Beach. Some hotels and resorts close by also offer water sports facilities.

Safety information

This beach is quite safe for swimming.

Eating out

There a lot of options for eating on the beach. Seafood and fast food are the best bet.


Good accommodation is no problem where Dona Paula Beach is concerned. There is also a five star hotel here.

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