Calangute Beach In Goa

Famous as the "Queen of the beaches” in Goa. Calangute is thronged by visitors. The beach is a 7-km-long coastal stretch. Calangute is Goa at its best, you name it, it's there - the beach, nightspots, restaurants, night-markets, t'ai chi, yoga sessions and adventure sports. And the most unusual of them all are the village vaddos, or traditional village wards.

The hippies were responsible for first finding Calangute Beach in Goa Calangute Beach .Calangute was once the beach Goa was most widely known for Calangute Beach .

Although one or two of other beaches in Goa have now taken that mantle.

However, Calangute remains a popular retreat for the Western tourists and travelers that first discovered the region over 40 years ago Calangute Beach . During the hot days, Calangute Beach Goa.

Calangute Beach Goa is awash with tourists of every age and nationality sunbathing and heading down to the sea.

Nighttime is quite a different story as the hippies and modern travelers party throughout the night.

Whether it’s day or night, the local shacks and quaint huts on the beach serve local delicacies and cold beer Calangute Beach Goa.

Similar buildings also sell little trinkets and hand made objects usually made from the shells and driftwood found on the beachCalangute Beach Tour.

Calangute provides the perfect mix of idyllic, almost unbelievable setting with a fun, nostalgic social lifeCalangute Beach Tour. Make no mistake, the beach Goa owes most of its tourism industry too has not been spoilt by the years of heavy tourism, and the welcome sight and smells of fried prawns and other local delicacies are a testament to this fact.

Calangute beach also features the Kerkar Art Complex, which is entirely unique for being situated on the beach. It regularly features art exhibitions and shows throughout the dry season.

Every beach in Goa has its own natural beauty and a lot of the art found at the Kerkar art complex represents these local attractionsCalangute Beach Tour.

At Calangute beach you can spend the day time lazing under the sun or making new friends, the evenings eating the locally caught and prepared seafood and the night time reliving the sixties with the hippies.

How to get there

Located at the centre of the Bardez coast, it is 16km from Panaji. There is a bus service to Calangute from Panaji and Mapusa after every 15 minutes. Taxis are also available.

What to experience

If you are diving down from Mapusa, the Church of St. Alex is a good place to see. Particularly beautiful is the church's white dome. Further down the noisy beach of Calangute is a market where you an find an array of shops, ranging from designer boutiques and bookshops to small shops selling trinkets.

Adventure sports

Tourists can opt for various sports like parasailing, water skiing and windsurfing. There are also boat operators offering trips to the island and expeditions to fish or spot dolphins and crocodiles.

Safety information

Generally the Calangute beach is somewhat safe for swimming but high tides should be avoided. Incidents of huge waves flinging people out from the sea have been reported.

Eating out

Delicious Goan food, in all its variety, is available on the beach. Calangute has some of the best restaurants in Goa and this is the reason why many people flock to Calangute beach.

Night out

There are not too many options for a wild night out except for a few bars that remain open till 11pm. Other options include attending evenings of classical music and dance at the Kerkar Art Gallery and Kathkali dance performances at a small place on the beach road.


There are plenty of options available, varying from cottages to comfortable rooms.

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