Betul Beach In Goa

Betul beach is a small beach amongst the beaches of GoaAnd is situated along the southern end of the River Sal.It is a picturesque beach with silvery sand.Which is shaded by fruit trees and coconut palms.The secluded Betul beach is known as the Fishing beach of Goa.

And is very famous for its cool climate.A number of tourists visit this beach to enjoy their fishing in Goa as the fishing port situated here is well advanced.

A number of deep sea trawlers and fishing boats also bring in their catch here.Betul beach is also a famous beach of south Goa known for its cheap and fresh seafood supply.

It is renowned for Goa's finest and largest mussels, ensnared and hauled to the banks by deft divers.

One will even find a nice restaurant that serves delicious river fish dishes.A number of people enjoy evenings at the Betul beach and one can often see youngsters and women here who come together for a small chat.

There are boats on hire and regular ferries here that take you across from Mobor.


The sun stays wherever you stay in Goa. That’s one thing you can’t run away from, unless you hit Goa during the rains.

The weather alters only during the monsoons between mid May and September.Else, be prepared for a 33 degrees Celsius summer with a maximum temperature of 39 degrees. Winters are almost nonexistent.

Best time to visit:

Goa’s great is summers and winters but if beaches are not your only poison, its superlative in the monsoons.

Conventionally popular visiting months are from October to March.

GETTING THERE / Route Information

By Bus:From the Margao bus terminus, there are several buses heading straight for Betul. It’s a distance of about 22 km.You could even board a bus to Chinchinim, which would drop you at Betul village, which adjoins the beach.

By Train:The nearest railway station is Margao and that’s about 22 km away.You would need to get to the Margao bus stand and board a bus headed for Betul from there on.

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