Ashwem Beach In Goa

Down to the south from Arambol beach is the stretch of three beaches in Pernem taluka. Immediately down, south to Arambol is Ashwem. Unlike other beaches, this beach is quiet and an ideal place to relax. The wind-touch, white sandy stretch adds to the beach`s charm.

How to get there

About 20km from Panaji, the hourly bus service to Tiracol can be used to reach the beach.

What to experience

The beautiful beach, without the bane of commercialization, is a haven for tourists. Brisk walk, long swims and lazing around are very much in order.

Safety information

Though considered a fairly safe place to swim, the creek separating it form Mandrem should be avoided.

Eating Out

There are a few restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines.

Night Out

It's a small beach and there is not much to do for the nightbirds.


Apart from hotels, tree houses made of bamboo and mat huts on stilts can be good option. Incidentally, Ashwem was the first beach to have bamboo beach hut in 1996.

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