Agonda Beach In Goa

With very few tourists visiting this three-kilometer-long beach, it is peaceful and quiet here. Agonda is 10km north of Palolem, on the Canacona coast.

The Agonda beach is situated towards the north of Goa.It lies a bit secluded from the mainland and thus is a bit difficult to reach.There are no local buses that ply here Beach Agonda.So one can always take a cab or hire a bike and reach here Beach Agonda.

The Agonda beach is a 3-kilometer long beach, which is no less than paradise Beach Agonda.It is not much frequented by tourists, which gives it a touch of solitude. If you are looking for uninterrupted peace And tranquility amongst the calm waves and swaying coconut trees Agonda Beach Tour Goa India .

The Agonda beach is the place for you.A little away from the beach is the fort of Cabo de Rama Agonda Beach Tour Goa India . Though in ruins, it creates an element of mysticism and drama around the beach. This fort is also not much frequented but people make it a point to visit this fort to appreciate its beauty and architecture.

It is said that Lord Rama (of the Hindu epic Ramayana), stayed here with his wife Sita, during his 14 year old exile .The Agonda beach is a beautiful stretch of land, which is flanked by the ocean on one side and the small hills on the other side.

If you are looking forward to some adventure, hire a tent and spend the night camping on the beach.Under the starry skies, listening to the crashing of the waves against the shore.

Just the trees, the beach, the big beautiful ocean and you. It also makes for a great day trip from Colva and Covelossim. For real adventure, hire a tent and camp for the night, listening to the crashing of the sea waves. Not far from Agonda beach is Cabo de Rama, untouched by most of the visitors in this region.

The atmosphere of the fort creates a sense of history and drama that very few would fail to appreciate. The fort is named after Rama, hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

How to get there

You can take a taxi from Dabolim Airport (67km), from Margao Station (43km) and Panaji (76km). You can also commute by buses, which operate every hour from Margao to Palolem.

What to experience

You can just relax here. You can enjoy moments of stillness, commune with nature, listen to music or enjoy a good read.

Safety information

With a dodgy undertow and the absence of a lifeguard, Agonda is not considered safe for swimming.

Eating out

There are a few restaurants here but most of them are attached to Hotels.


Agonda just has some hotels so there are not many accommodation facilities here.

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