Sultanpur National Park in Delhi

Sultanpur, Fouthy-six kms to the south-west of Delhi, is a natural getaway having a lake and wildlife. Sultanpur was declared a water-bird reserve in 1972 and its reasons are lush together with lawns and trees and shrubs and public of bougainvillea. It is advised to spend some time in the small museum and library in the reserve, as you receives a fair concept of the birds and creatures you’ll probably see on your visit to the arrange. A good pair of binoculars is a must to clearly notice the wildlife from the safe distance, without distressing them.

Sultanpur is fundamentally a bird viewing place with few trees obscuring the visitor’s view of the lake. The birds can often be spotted wading, swimming or perhaps traveling. All this can be done, because the guests are not allowed to be able to paddle around in boats in this water bird sanctuary, thus permitting the birds to proceed with their actions without human disturbance. One can very easily spot grey pelicans, cormorants, greyish and pond herons, egrets, painted storks who tend to gather and preen. The black-necked storks, white ibis, spoonbills, etc can also be spotted.

Ideal Time to Go to Sultanpur National Park India

The ideal time for you to visit the Sultanpur National Park India is during the months of December and January because it is the main period for migratory birds.

Ways to get there

Air : The nearest airhead is Delhi (46 kms).
Rail : The nearest railhead is Delhi (46 kms).
Road : There are buses and taxis from Delhi (46 kms), Gurgaon and neighboring centers.

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